Voice Actress of Hinata Uzumaki – Nana Mizuki Announces Her Marriage

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Voice on-screen character and vocalist Nana Mizuki (40) reported on her blog on Tuesday that she has gotten hitched to an individual in the music business.

“Since I’ve arrived at specific achievements like my 40th birthday celebration and the twentieth commemoration of my presentation as a vocalist, I’ve had more opportunities to reconsider myself and think about what’s to come. I additionally treasure my serene regular daily existence, and in July I arrived at the choice to enter my name ‘Nana,’ which my cherished dad provided for me, on the family library,” she composed. (“Nana” can likewise signify “seven” in Japanese, and July is alluded to as the “seventh month.”) “To each and every individual who has consistently upheld me with excellent love, even as I’ve made careless bungles, I need to continue singing and making music for you with much more force. I trust you can look out for me energetically.”

Nana Mizuki is a productive vocalist and voice entertainer and her own shows have included astounding ensembles. She made her voice-acting presentation in the 1997 sentiment recreation game NOeL. Her singles, collections, and Blu-beam Disks have topped Oricon’s positioning diagrams. Mizuki’s anime jobs incorporate Naruto’s Hinata Hyūga, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate Testarossa, Minami-ke’s Tōma Minami, WWW.WAGNARIA’s!! Kisaki Kondō, and Symphogear’s Tsubasa Kazanari.

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