This light novel is fantastic! What is the diversity that readers want from the popularity ranking of 2022?

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Light novel general information magazine “This light novel is amazing!” 2022″ (“This light novel is amazing!” Editorial department / Takarajimasha) was released on November 25th.

This magazine is a guidebook to understand the trend of light novels by posting special interviews with the top writers of this year, guides of works by genre, etc., and the best ranking by reader questionnaire.

In the best ranking, “Bunko category” that attracted attention, “Chitose-kun is in the Ramune bottle” (Yumu / Shogakukan / Gagaga Bunko) won the 1st place and achieved the second straight victory.

“Chitose-kun is in the Ramune Bottle” is a school youth story featuring the transcendental rear Mitsuo boy, Chitose Saku, which is rare in recent light novels. It depicts the high school life of boys and girls who have adolescent worries such as schoolwork, club activities, and romance. Chitose-kun, who is well-rounded in both Bunbu and Budo, is liked by the beautiful girls in the class and is likely to be disliked by the jealousy of the men. However, she is a hard worker and a friend-minded hero, and it seems that her appearance of facing difficulties head-on has gained the support of readers.

Looking at the rankings, the animated version of “Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite” (Kinugasa Syougo / KADOKAWA MF Bunko J) and “The Detective is dead. ] (Nigojuu / KADOKAWA / MF Bunko J) is still famous, but it has shown a new development in which new works are ranked in half of the top ten.

In particular, “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Agent” (Kana Akatsuki / KADOKAWA, Dengeki Bunko) fought a close battle with the number of votes, which was a few points behind the 1st place. A completely new work by Kana Akatsuki, the original author of the TV anime “Violet Evergarden.” A modern Japanese-style fantasy that spells out the human patterns of the four agents who bring spring, summer, autumn, and winter on behalf of God and their guardians. Voters commented that the beauty of the scenery of the four seasons and the human drama of the characters’ delicate emotions touched their hearts.

The new work “Mimosa’s Confession” (Hachimoku Mei / Shogakukan / Gagaga Bunko) is a youth story with the theme of gender identity. Speaking of timeliness, it seems that romantic comedies also reflect the recent social situation and are inward-looking. “Sister-in-law life” (Mikawa Gosuto / KADOKAWA MF Bunko J), which depicts the living together of a boy who became a brother-in-law and a gal JK due to the remarriage of his parents, and a Russian language that is harsh in public but not understood by anyone Between the heroine and the heroine without being interfered by the surroundings, like the school love comedy “The Neighboring Allya-san, who sometimes gets sloppy in Russian” (SUN / KADOKAWA, Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko). It seems that the relationship that can be nurtured quietly by itself is an element that is appealing to modern readers.

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