A thorough introduction to the personalities and quotes of the leading members of Shohoku High School

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” THE FIRST SLAM DUNK ” ( directed by Takehiko Inoue ), a new animated film based on the vast basketball manga ” SLAM DUNK,” was released on December 3 at 418 screens (IMAX 40 screens) in 378 theaters nationwide, attracting audiences over two weekends. Eight hundred forty-seven thousand people were mobilized, box office revenue was about 1,296 million yen, and it was a big hit start. It debuted at No. 1 in the domestic box office ranking.

” SLAM DUNK ” has been supported by enthusiastic fans, but it has been 26 years since the original serialization ended, and there must be many people who have never seen it. Eiga.com introduces the prominent members of the Kanagawa Prefectural Shohoku High School Basketball Club, which is the main stage of the work, along with the characters and quotes that are still being told today.

Miyagi Ryota
grade/point guard/168cm
He was assaulted by a gang of delinquents, including Hisashi Mitsui, who had left the basketball club due to an injury and was hospitalized. She has a personality that quickly loses her temper, but her ability is certifiable to the extent that she is seen as the next captain. Overwhelming speed and braking powers are weapons and the command tower of the team. However, she falls in love with her manager Ayako at first sight and can’t get her head up.

“Hey, buy your ticket. You’re going home tomorrow, right?”

Hisashi Mitsui
3rd-year student/shooting guard / 184cm

One of the most popular characters in this work. In middle school, he was so talented that he was selected as the prefecture’s MVP. His knee injury once set him back and caused significant turmoil in the basketball club, but he returned to the team after three years. Although he lacks stamina due to blanks, he saves the group many times with his highly accurate 3-point shots.

“Mr. Anzai… I want to play basketball….” “Tell me my name!”

Kaede Rukawa
1st-year student / small forward / 187cm

A star player since junior high school, he was invited to a prestigious school but entered Shohoku High School because it was “close to home.” His basketball sense is outstanding even in the team, and he is already active as the team’s ace even in his first year. He is disgustingly competitive, and his goal is to become the best player in Japan.

“Whoa” “I can’t forgive anyone who disturbs my sleep!” “You did a good job. But, unfortunately, you’re not good at it.”

Hanamichi Sakuragi
1st-year student / Power Forward / 188cm

In junior high school, he spent all his time fighting and his trademark red-haired regent. Immediately after entering Shohoku High School, she fell in love at first sight with Haruko, the younger sister of Takanori Akagi, the captain of the basketball club. She joined the club as soon as she was invited. She was a beginner who didn’t even know the rules, but she increased with her unique physical ability and competitive personality. He has shown tremendous ability to rebound above all and has become an indispensable presence under Shohoku’s goal.

“I can only hold my left hand….” “Megane-Kun, your retirement has been extended. Thanks to this genius.”

Takenori Akagi
The captain of Shohoku High School’s basketball club, full of problem children and mental support. He is called “Gori” by Hanamichi Sakuragi and “Danna” by Ryota Miyagi. In the original, there was a scene where he invited the basketball club members who had to take supplementary exams to his home and taught them to study. He advises Sakuragi, “The one who controls the rebound wins the game!”

“The one who controls the rebound wins the game!” “Haruko… the strange man you found has become the man Shohoku needs.” “I always imagine this day before going to bed.” Was…”

Kiminobu Kogure
grade/Small Forward/178cm
Vice-captain of the Shohoku basketball club. He has known Akagi since junior high school and knows more about Akagi’s passion for basketball than anyone else. He built the foundation of the Shohoku Basketball Club, which was weak and small with a three-legged team. He has a gentle and gentle personality and is a good man who treats even the poorly behaved Hanamichi Sakuragi on an equal footing.

“How can you conquer the whole country without guts? Don’t say things that make you dream!” “Don’t cry, and you’re a problem child….”

The manager of Shohoku High School’s basketball club and a graduate of Tomigaoka Middle School, the same as Kaede Rukawa. She is a big sister, she has the courage not to be afraid of misbehaving students, and she also has the goodness to take care of Hanamichi Sakuragi, who teaches the basics of basketball with Harisen in one hand. She is aware of her favors from her classmate Ryota Miyagi and gives her encouragement when it matters most.

“Gackpuchi” “The opponent is a guard who competes for the top position in the prefecture! Do you know what he’s trying to say?”

Mitsuyoshi Anzai
Shohoku High School Basketball Team Manager

He is very gentle, has a soft demeanor, and is called White Haired Buddha, but he was a former All-Japan player. He was called White Haired Devil because of his violent personality as a university coach.

A master craftsman who was feared. He is called ‘Anzai-sensei’ with respect by the coaches of other schools, and his motto is ‘If you give up, the game ends there.’

“Until the very end… don’t give up hope. If you give up, the game will end.” “You guys fought so that you will be punished.”

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