Bangladesh Chittagong Korean Association holds the Korean Film Festival and K-Pop Festival for three days.

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Bangladesh Chittagong Korean Association (Chairman Baek Jin-hyeok) held the Korean Film Festival and K-Pop Festival at ‘Theatre Institute Chittagong’ from December 1st to 3rd.

This is the first time the Korean Association has held this event in Chittagong. The Korean Association screened five Korean movies for free for three days and held a K-Pop contest on the event’s last day.

According to the Korean Association, 2,000 Bangladeshi people visited the Theater Institute Chittagong for three days. The film festival’s opening ceremony, held on the first day, was attended by the Mayor of Chittagong, the Chief of the National Police Agency, critical local government officials, and corporate executives.

Md. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Mayor of Chittagong, said at the opening ceremony, “This event will serve as a foundation to bring Korea and Bangladesh closer together. I hope it will become an annual event held every year.” “There are more than 60 Korean companies in Chittagong, and investment by Korean companies is increasing yearly,” said Lee Jang-Geun, Korean Ambassador to Gladesh.

Baek Jin-hyeok, the Korean president of the Korean Association, introduced eight Korean middle and high school students who planned the event five months ago and 20 Chittagong college students who worked as volunteers and thanked the citizens of Chittagong for their interest in and affection for Korean culture.

At the K-pop contest on the last day, ten teams that passed the preliminaries took to the stage. Team Scendicate won 1st place, Team Knight Sisters won 2nd place, and Progga Paromita won 3rd place.

This event was held with the support of Korean companies Taeyoung Construction and Woori Bank, Chittagong Korean company PHP Family and BSRM.

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