‘SLAM DUNK JUMP’ released, containing 24 episodes that form the base of the story

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The mook book ” SLAM DUNK JUMP, “which carefully selected 24 episodes that are the basis of the story of the  manga “SLAM DUNK,” was released on the 8th. The text is 524 pages, and the price is 660 yen.

Is the main character Miyagi? A Powerful Match Released a New Animation Video of ” SLAM DUNK,” It was produced with the hope that fans want to reread the original manga before the movie is released. Therefore, 24 of the 276 episodes that form the “base” of the story, depicting the formation and evolution of the Shohoku High School Basketball Club, are carefully selected in “jump” size.

It is a book that allows you to experience their breakthrough. “Slam Dunk” is based on a basketball manga serialized in ” Weekly Shonen Jump ” from 1990 No. 42 to 1996 No. 27.

The main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi, a basketball beginner who joined the Shohoku High School basketball club, depicts how his talent rapidly blooms in conflicts with teammate Kaede Rukawa and matches against strong schools.

The thrilling depiction of the game and the characters who devoted their youth to basketball aroused sympathy from readers. As a result, they received overwhelming support, and the cumulative circulation of the series in Japan exceeded 120 million copies. A total of 101 episodes of TV anime were broadcast from 1993 to 1996.

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