Akiyuki Shinbo and Tomohiko Ito are also highly acclaimed! Super large theatre original animation ‘Bubble’ special preview video completed.

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Director Tetsuro Araki, who worked on the “Attack on Titan” series, took the megaphone Genki Kawamura planned and produced, Gen Urobuchi acted as the script. Takeshi Obata served as the original character designer for the super-large original animation “Bubble” (theatrical version). She was released on May 13th, and the Netflix version was distributed worldwide on April 28th). The special preview video of this work has been lifted, and acclaimed comments from the famous animation director have arrived.

This work is set in Tokyo, where gravity is broken by the bubbles that have fallen into the world. Tokyo, where the lifeline was cut off, became the home of some young people who lost their families and became the battlefield of parkour’s team battle running from building to building. One day Hibiki (voice: Jun Shison) falls into the sea where gravity is distorted by unorthodox play. A girl with a mysterious power, Uta (voice: Riria.), Suddenly appears there and saves her life. Eventually, Uta will live with Hibiki and his team members, but the bubble-blowing phenomenon begins again, and Tokyo is in danger of sinking.

The special preview video released this time is “Story Edition”. The appearance of encountering Uta is projected with an emotional touch, searching for a “sound” with a special hearing and being guided by it. In addition, director Akiyuki Shinbo, who is known for “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, etc., for this work where WIT STUDIO’s “household art” action expression and the beautiful and fleeting love story of delicately drawn Hibiki and Uta develop. Yoichi Fujita, who worked on “Osomatsu-san”, and Tomohiko Ito, who worked on “Sword Art Online”, commented on jealousy and acclaim.

Jun Shison plays the role of Hibiki, and Ria is a singer-songwriter who has gained overwhelming support from Generation Z for the part of Uta, the heroine. In addition to Mamoru Miyano, Yuki Kaji, Alice Hirose and other gorgeous voice actors, this work is a gathering of top creators proud of Japan’s world. I would like you to visit the theatre and immerse yourself in the beautiful images with a sense of transparency and the furious high-speed battle.

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