All We Now Know About Shangri-La Frontier Season 2’s Fall 2024 Slate Renewal

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Episode 25 of Shangri-La Frontier’s first season concluded, and it was revealed that a second season is now under development. As part of the Fall 2024 anime schedule, the anime will also premiere two consecutive cour seasons of episodes in October.

The anime adaptation of Katarina’s web novel series will shortly return for a second season, according to Shangri-La Frontier. Fall 2021 saw the premiere of the series, which exposed viewers to a laid-back video game animation journey. The second season is scheduled to debut in 2024 spring.

Episode 25 of Shangri-La Frontier’s first season debuted this past weekend, and it was promptly announced that the anime would return for Season 2. But Shangri-La Frontier didn’t stop surprising us; in addition to revealing that Season 2 is currently in development, the anime also revealed that it will begin production on a two-part season of episodes in October as part of the Fall 2024 anime schedule.

When will Shangri-La Frontier season 2 be available to stream?

On Sunday, March 31, the official website for the television anime adaptation of Katarina’s Shangri-La Frontier web novel disclosed that the show is getting a second season, which will debut in October and last for a further two seasons. Crunchyroll announced that it will once more stream the upcoming season.

Along with adding new characters, Season 2 will carry on the events of the first season. Similar to the recently finished season, Katarina’s original web novel will be adapted for the sequel.

October 1 marked the debut of the anime’s first season across 28 MBS/TBS networks. The anime ran for two straight seasons. As it aired, the anime was broadcast on Crunchyroll.

At C2C, Toshiyuki Kubooka directed the animation alongside Hiroki Ikeshita as assistant director. Kazuyuki Fudeya oversaw and penned the series scripts. Chief animator and character designer Ayumi Kurashima was involved. The song was composed by MONACA.

The manga adaptation by Ryōsuke Fuji of Katarina’s Shangri-La Frontier web book is published by Kodansha USA Publishing. The story is described as follows:

Rakurō Hizutome is a second-year high school student who is primarily concerned in finding and crushing “shitty games.” He is an expert gamer and never finds a game too difficult to play. He so does what he does best when he learns about the new virtual reality game Shangri-La Frontier—min-maxing and skipping the prologue to go right to the action. However, is it possible for even a skilled player like Rakurō to uncover every mystery Shangri-La Frontier conceals?

In May 2017, Katarina made the premiere of the novel series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website. Additionally, Katarina contributed to Weekly Shōnen Magazine with another novel series. In July 2020, Fuji published the manga series Shangri-La Frontier in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. 

Further details on Shangri-La Frontier 

The story takes place in the not-too-distant future, when full-dive VR games are the norm and games with analogue display panels are labeled as antiquated. Since these games became popular, a large number of “trash games” have emerged. These are hurried, glitch-filled, and flawed games whose systems have not kept up with the advancements in visual technology.

Under the moniker Sunraku, Rakuro Hizutome is a trash game hunter and an avid fan of these typically repugnant games, which he plays until he masters them despite their faults and difficulties. Rakuro is experiencing a form of burnout syndrome after beating the massive Faeria Chronicle Online trash game.

The owner of his favorite game store, RockRoll, suggests that he purchase the great and best-selling full-dive VR game Shangri-La Frontier, which has 30 million registered players. As Sunraku, the player, he ventures into the land of Shangri-La Frontier, where his expertise as a garbage game hunter will come in useful as he advances through the game.

Following are who voices all the major players:

  • Sunraku – Yuma Uchida (JP); Eric Vale (EN)
  • Psyger-0 – Azumi Waki (JP); Corey Pettit (EN)
  • Arthur Pencilgon – Yoko Hikasa (JP); Brianna Roberts (EN)
  • Oikatzo – Makoto Koichi (JP); Brittney Karbowski (EN)
  • Emul – Rina Hidaka (JP); Molly Zhang (EN)
  • Vysache – Akio Otsuka (JP); Christopher Guerrero (EN)
  • Psyger-100 (Momo Saiga) – Yumiri Hanamori (JP); Morgan Berry (EN)
  • Animalia – Sayaka Senbongi (JP); Kelsey Maher (EN)
  • Orcelott – Seiichiro Yamashita (JP); Sonny Strait (EN)
  • Bilac – Miyu Tomita (JP); Lindsay Seidel (EN)
  • Tsukuyo Tsukuri – Ami Koshimizu (JP)
  • Ritsu Amachi – Kaori Nazuka (JP)
  • Sakai Tsukuyogi – Kenji Nojima (JP)
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