‘Gundam’ The No. 1 MS popularity ranking on which Char Aznable boarded has been decided! The second place is ‘Hyakushiki’!

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From April 23 to April 29, 2022, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking “What is your favourite MS on which Char Aznable boarded?”

In this questionnaire, we received a total of 2019 votes. Thank you!

Char Aznable who appeared as a rival of Amuro Ray, the main character of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”, fought fierce battles with Amuro many times while sometimes fighting together. There are a wide variety of mobile suits (MS) on which Char rides. Which aircraft was the most popular among the MSs that were boarded in the game and novel versions? Let’s look at the ranking!

“Hyakushiki” is ranked in second place. The number of votes was 445, and the voting rate was 22%. Hyakushiki is the MS of Eugo that appeared in the TV anime “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”. The aircraft was developed in the middle of the Z Gundam development plan and features a golden body. With lightweight armour and a movable frame, it boasts the highest level of mobility.

In the Grips battle drawn in the main part of Z Gundam, Char who hid his identity and called himself Quattro Bazina boarded and was active until the end. In the comment section, there were voices such as “I remember being drawn to the impact of the name as a child” and “Although it is a foreign MS called gold, it also has strength”.

And the first place was “Sazabi”! The number of votes obtained is 555, and the voting rate is 27.5%. Sazabi is the MS that appeared in the theatrical anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack”. Char Aznable’s exclusive machine, which was launched under the leadership of the new Neo Zeon Army, has its entire body dyed in the personal colour red. A psycho frame is used to improve the followability of the aircraft, and an all-range attack with a funnel ejected from the container on the back is also possible. We fought a fierce battle with the ν Gundam on which our fateful rival Amuro Ray was on board.

In the comment section, “The presence of Sazabi is exceptional among the aircraft on which Char boarded” “A series of activities from” Sazabi will come out! Sazabi starts! “, That coolness is unrivalled” “General only “The aircraft has both the profoundness of an aircraft and the stylishness of Char’s boarding aircraft.”

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