Although the stand of ‘Jojo’ is strong, the character who lost miserably was defeated in only two episodes.

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The overwhelming “stand of the sun.”

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (Author: Hirohiko Araki) has a big attraction in the brain battle with the powerful enemy stand users. While some fantastic enemies hunted down the protagonists to the last minute, some characters said, “What? That’s it?” This time, I will look back on the enemy who had a “poor defeat” even though the stand of “Jojo” was strong.

Arabian Fats of “Sun”

Part 3 One of the best story characters, Arabian Fats. His stand “Sun,” as the name implies, looks like the sun and attacks Jotaro and his party in the desert. Its power does not decline even from a sky of 100 meters or more, and it is a super powerful ability that exposes the surroundings to the heat of 70 degrees or more even at night and can attack like a laser beam. Jotaro and his colleagues couldn’t find the main body and were forced to struggle while hiding in the rocky area.

Arabian Fats attacked near the party while camouflaging with a unique vehicle with a mirror in front of the desert. However, Jotaro and his friends (other than Joseph), who found “a rock with a shape that looks like a shadow extending to the other side,” burst into laughter at the simple trick, and the rock was thrown and left in a blink of an eye. Increase. The lines were only screaming, “Dogs!” Below, the mobs were cleared up in just two episodes.

A pitiful man was treated as an unidentified Ochi character until the name was revealed in the unique book “JOJO-A-GO! GO!”.

Terrence T. Derby of “Atum God”

Butler Terrence T. Derby suddenly appeared at the DIO mansion that he finally found. He was the younger brother of the genius gambler Daniel J. Derby, who had previously cornered Jotaro and his friends. He said, “He can only win old-fashioned humans or amateurs.” I knew it from that time, “he said, looking down at his brother.

Derby’s younger brother indeed has the best game skills in the game, and the stand “Atum God” can see the state of the opponent’s soul and see exactly “Yes” or “No” to the question. A strong enemy who can do it. However, in the end, because he relied too much on his “soul-reading” ability, in a baseball game with Jotaro, “Joseph, not Jotaro, was secretly operating with’Hermit Purple’.” I couldn’t see it, and I was defeated.

Jotaro gave me a word of humiliation, saying, “If you were your big brother, he would have seen this kind of crazy guy.” In the end, he was miserably blown away after begging for his life. It was a wonderfully “poor” thing that left the saying “Maybe it’s Oraora !?”

By the way, Kenny G, who was serving the hall as well as Derby’s younger brother, is a stand user who shows hallucinations, but Iggy has been so easily killed that it does not even leave an impression that it is ugly.

DIO’s son who was easily defeated by the characteristics of his ability

Toshikazu Mada of “Surprise”

The stand “Surface” by Toshikazu Mada, a student of the same Grape Hill High School as Josuke who appeared in Part 4, had a vicious ability that reflected the lousy personality of the main body. This stand attaches to a life-sized painting doll and activates when the target touches the beauty, making the doll look like that person. Not only will the fingerprints and voiceprints be the same as the personality characteristics, but if Mada manipulates the doll within the range where the target can be seen, the opponent will only be able to move in the same way as the doll side.

Mada used such abilities to scoop out the eyeballs of a friend who argued with himself, copied his favorite child with a doll (but he couldn’t control it because he wasn’t liked initially), and repeated sneaky acts. I was there. Then, Mada, who succeeded in creating a copy doll of Josuke, tries to eliminate Jotaro from the town, who uses fake Josuke to search for talented people.

The ability of “Surprise” is troublesome if you get hooked, and Josuke is manipulated and cornered to the point of killing Jotaro. Before that, Mada used Fake Josuke to assault the thugs. After that, Josuke was treating them, so Mada was found by the thugs one step further and was beaten up. His bad personality strangled him.

Mada, whose doll was destroyed by Josuke and couldn’t do anything wrong, later became Koichi’s friend (self-proclaimed) and went to Rohan Kishibe’s house with him. However, after reading personal information at “Heaven’s Door,” Rohan Kishibe treated him as “the worst guy” and “readers shouldn’t like it.”

Ungaro of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

DIO’s son, Ungaro, who appeared in Part 6, lived a life that was too miserable and became a drug addict, but when he met Father Pucci, he woke up to his ability to stand. His stand, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” is a terrifying ability that makes a character in a fantasy world a reality, separating the spirit of the person fascinated by that character from the body and directing it to the same ending as the story. Moreover, the range is “the whole world,” and Xu Lun and others struggled a lot, and the world became a big panic.

Ungaro, who has a grudge against the world, intended to fly to the sky and destroy the world thoroughly. Still, Weather Report, who noticed the characteristics of his ability, brilliantly exploits its weaknesses. Due to the ability to “if it is a created character, even an instant one will be realized,” Weather threatens Van Gogh’s portrait and “returns all characters to their original state” called “Put Back Man.” He created a “hero” and quickly settled the situation.

Ungaro, who was listening to the news, soon realized that he could no longer use his abilities and was deprived of his hope and quickly became abandoned. If Ungaro had awakened to this stand a little earlier, he might have noticed its weaknesses and taken action. He is a rare character who has never faced the main characters and lost.

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