Anime ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Voice Actor/Cast/Character/Character List

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2018, Yuji Kojo has a double-sided inn in his body.
In December 2017, Yuta Otsukotsu lifted the curse of Rika Inorimoto.

And even more, time goes back to 2006 (spring). Satoru Gojo and Suguru Natsuyu during their technical college days.

Two people who are active as sorcerers and have no enemies on their way receive a request from Tengen, the key to the magical world with immortality.

I have two requests. “Seishotai” Amauchi Riko, who is compatible with Tengen, the girl’s “escort” and “erasure.”

The two go on an escort mission for the survival of the magical world, but a “magician killer” who calls himself Fushiguro intervenes to assassinate the “star body.”

Gojo and Natsuyu, later called the strongest sorcerer and the worst sorcerer, reveal the past of the two who have gone their separate ways.

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