The popular webtoon ‘Surgeon Elise’ will be made into an anime in Japan! Announcement of the birth of the best content by KADOKAWA x MAHO FILM

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“Surgeon Elise,” produced by Kidari Studio, will be made into a TV animation in Japan. “Surgeon Elise,” also an award-winning work of “Piccoma AWARD 2020”, is based on a web novel by writer Yuin and has a broad fan base with sophisticated drawings by writer mini.

As if to prove its popularity, the cumulative number of books sold in Japan has reached 1.35 million copies (as of February 2023), and 207 million web comics and web novels have been sold on global platforms such as Kakao Page.

It has been recognized as content that combines creativity and popularity, such as recording 10 million views. In this work, the main character Elise returns to the starting point of her life again with the memory of her first life as a notorious empress and her second life as a genius surgeon who died in an accident remains.

It depicts the content that grows to avoid repeating the mistakes. KADOKAWA, a famous anime house known for publishing “Your Name,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” “Haruhi Suzumiya” series in Korea, and MAHO, a production company FILM teamed up to confirm the production of all 12 episodes of “Surgeon Elise,” heralding the birth of the most excellent content ever.

The director is Kumiko Habara, and Deko Akao handles the series composition. It is symbolic that the original work, recognized domestically and internationally as a web manga, is also competitive in Japan, a huge anime market.

In the teaser image released, the appearance of Elise with medical equipment that does not match the gorgeous mansion is eye-catching. Unlike the wicked look of her first life reflected in her scalpel, Elise’s face, soft yet firm inside, remember everything and lives her new life.

The character’s oath is told as it is. Webtoon creator mini said, “An animation will be produced in which the characters move and talk. I’m happy to be able to share this news.” rice field.

Jeong Jae-wook, director of Kidari Studio’s video content division, said, “‘Elise the Surgeon’ is a webtoon produced by Kidari Studio based on a popular web novel. , We will continue collaborating with domestic and overseas partners to expand our IP visualization business.”

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