‘Amuro Ray’ is the most enthusiastic about golf! Will the anime ‘BIRDIE WING’ be a lousy push for the golf boom?

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The original golf-themed animation “BIRDIE WING-Golf Girls’ Story-” (TV Tokyo series, every Tuesday from midnight), which will start on April 5, will further boost the popularity of golf, which is booming due to the corona. That’s right.

In work, Akari Kito plays Nezuko Kamado in “Kimetsu no Yaiba” as Eve, who earns from betting golf, and Asami Seto, who is known as Chihaya Ayase in the animation “Chihayafuru” as Japanese genius golfer Tenwa Aoi. It was appointed, and the first episode was developed at a good tempo with a powerful shot image. The rich content makes us feel a big whirlwind that two rivals will eventually cause in the golf world.

Kito, who plays Eve, said, “Because it’s a golf animation, it’s a theme that wasn’t quite there, so the dubbing is fresh, and I enjoy recording it every time! It’s work that golf fans and those not very familiar with the golf can enjoy. I want to help as much as possible to do it, so thank you for your cooperation! “

On the other hand, Asami Seto, who plays the role of a rival, said, “In the golf world under construction, she is a thoroughbred girl, a straightforward and pretty girl, but I also feel that she is a hard worker who hates to lose! I have no golf experience! However, the encounter with “BIRDIE WING” has interested me in playing golf! “

Famous professional coach Toru Inoue was supervised by Gachi.

According to the people concerned, the one who is most enthusiastic about golf among the performers is Toru Furuya, who plays the role of Rei Amuro, an adviser to the golf club. “I’m looking forward to reading the script every time with the golf-themed animation of the sport I’m most addicted to. I resisted the role names I’ve heard somewhere, but the staff I lost the stubborn persuasion from (laughs). Since it is drawn under solid supervision, it will be a learning experience as a golfer, “said a golfer-like comment.

The person in charge of supervision, who received the greatest compliment from Furuya as “firm supervision”, is Toru Inoue, a professional coach and director of the World Junior Golf Championships Japan National Team. “This work has spent more than two years involved in many things, such as coming up with ideas from the stage of the story, correcting golf terms, recording swings and hitting sounds, etc. Through the work, viewers, We hope that everyone will feel the fun of the sport of golf and that as many people as possible will want to play golf. ” I’m expecting that.

Another highlight is the theme song “Venus Line” by Kohmi Hirose. Hirose also said, “While watching the story, I was impressed by the attitude of challenging toward the goal, and I was able to write a song in a blink of an eye. I sang it, “he revealed his passion for the work. When many people hum this song, a big wave of golf boom should occur.

The All Japan Golf Practice Field Federation is also considering a collaboration project. The golf industry is also looking forward to this work as a spark for the golf boom.

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