‘Hiroaka’ and ‘Black Whip’ Deku & Awakened Death Pattern Kiso Appear! Commemorating the 6th broadcast of the smartphone game ‘Hirotora’ TV anime

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An event commemorating the broadcast of the 6th season of the TV anime has started on the “My Hero Academia” smartphone app “My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT,” also known as “Hirotora.” A newly drawn critical visual has been released. In the ongoing “Prepare! Prologue Gasha for the Battle”, a new UR “[Next Evolution] Izuku Midoriya” that uses the unique “personality” “Black Whip” will appear.

The original of “My Hero Academia” (abbreviated as Hiroaka) is a hero action manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” by Kohei Horikoshi.

Set in a world where there is a supernatural ability called “individuality,” the main character, Izuku Midoriya (commonly known as Deku), becomes a “hero” to confront the criminal’s “enemy ” who abuses individuality. Draw a story of growing up with friends at Yuei High School, a prestigious training school.

In the 6th season broadcast in October 2022, the enemy who took control of the giant force “Incompetence Liberation Army” and stood at the top of the “supernatural liberation front” with a total of 110,000, and Shingara Kiso, The “Total War Edition,” in which Endeavor and other heroes clash after learning of the tree’s uprising movement to “destroy everything,” will be visualized.

“My Hero, Academia ULTRA IMPACT” is a smartphone app for the App Store/Google Play where the charm of heroes and enemies (villains) shines in the player’s hand. It is a battle RPG that confronts the ambitions of the approaching enemy by using various “individualities” and raising your favorite heroes to be reliable.

In the ongoing “Prepare! Opening Prologue Gasha”, a new UR “[Next Evolution] Izuku Midoriya” will appear. This is Deku, who controls the unique “personality” “Black Whip,” which is also active in the 6th season of the TV anime currently being broadcast.

I want to experience Deku’s new fighting style, which brings out the unique abilities of One for All.

Also, the boss challenge event started at the same time as Gasha. So don’t miss the event story depicting the activities of heroes and enemies (villains) between the 5th and 6th seasons of the TV anime.

After the fierce battle with Re Destro, the story of the enemy coalition before and after forming the paranormal liberation front & the great liberation army, Midoriya training the awakened One For All’s the new ability “Black Whip.” So you can enjoy the stories of Izuku & 1st year Class A classmates at once.

In addition, by proceeding with the event capture, you can get the new SR “[Everything in hand] Death Pattern Mokuso,” which was awakened during the battle with Re-Destro.

In addition, a login bonus commemorating the start of the 6th season of the TV anime, distribution of 5 “TV Anime 6th Commemorative Gashachike” every Saturday when the anime is broadcast, unique special gifts with Deku and dead tree picked up. Don’t miss gasha. Follow the official Twitter for the latest information on Hirotora.

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