Eve wrote and composed Myuk’s new song ‘Zion,’ anime ‘NIGHT HEAD 2041’ ED theme song.

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Eve joins Myuk’s new song, “Zion.”

Eve is a popular artist whose representative song “Kaikai Kitan” has played over 100 million times on streaming and YouTube. “Jujutsu Kaisen” is gaining popularity as the opening theme song for the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen,” which is about to be made into a movie.

Eve is in charge of writing and composing the new song “Zion” sung by Myuk. Myuk is an artist who made her major debut with “Magic,” which Eve wrote as the ending theme for the TV anime “The Promised Neverland” Season 2. I want to pay attention to how the songs of the two people who team up again will be finished.

Ending theme song for the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041.”

Eve’s new song “Zion” was written for Fuji TV’s unique TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041”. “NIGHT HEAD 2041” is a cult-like drama “NIGHT HEAD” that gained cult popularity in the 1990s and is revived as an animation with the script of the original author, George Iida. It depicts the brothers Naoto Kirihara and Naoya, who suffer because of their supernatural powers, and another brother, the Kuroki brothers, who hunt them down.

A part of the new song “Zion” is also shown on the PV released before the broadcast of the animation, so please check it out for fans.

In addition, Eve and Myuk commented as follows along with the announcement of the new song “Zion.”

The song title “Zion” is from the name of the flower called Shien, and as the flower word “symbol of love” says, it never forgets what is in the person’s heart. I named it because it fits the theme of this work because of the forever connected thoughts.

I’m glad to be able to add color to this work with Myuk’s incredible singing voice.

Myuk is in charge of the ending theme of the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041”. The title “Zion” is named by Eve, who wrote this song, and comes from the purple flower. The flower language has the meaning of “remember you” and “recollection.”

I think it’s like remembering someone for a long time to confront difficulties and connect your thoughts to a world you haven’t seen yet. I thought it would be nice if there was even a little of this song besides the two brothers who are the main characters of this work and the listeners’ desires, so I sang while imagining the flowers of Shien. I’m looking forward to seeing how this “Zion” sounds by watching it along with the video and story of “NIGHT HEAD 2041”.

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