Chili is so fantastic! The Elite Four ‘Chili’ appears in the anime ‘Pokemon,’ and viewers repeatedly fall in love with his handsome throwing pose recreated from the game.

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The TV anime Pokémon (hereinafter referred to as Anipoke ) is broadcast every Friday from 6:55 p.m. on the TV Tokyo network. The 56th episode, “Riko vs. Chili! Beyond the Battle,” aired on Friday, June 28th, and featured a battle scene with the popular character Chili, which had viewers glued to their screens.

Even in the anime, his handsomeness is unstoppable…! Chili seduces viewers. In this 56th episode, the anime’s main character, Riko, challenges the Elite Four of the Paldea region, Chili. Chili has been very popular for her handsomeness since her first appearance in the original game ” Pokémon Scarlet Violet,” fans have been paying attention to the battle scene with her this time. In the heated battle, Riko’s Nyarote and Chili’s Doo both enter the Terasta. Chili’s catchphrase “Do-oh! Get up!” as he throws the ball has been a hot topic, with people saying, “He’s too handsome.”

It’s just too fantastic how he stylishly throws the ball with one hand and then spins around. This throwing pose is the same as the one shown in the game. As it was drawn from a new angle, it was different from the one in the game. Viewers were captivated by his super coolness in the anime, with comments like “Thank you so much for the perfect reproduction,” “Are Chili’s fans still alive?” and “He’s almost dead.”

At the beginning of the episode, he cheers on his opponent, the main character, Riko, who is nervous about facing a big opponent, saying, “Do you want to relax by massaging my Do-oh?” Some people were impressed by his appearance, saying, “Chili is seducing girls again,” and “Ah… he’s too handsome.” He showed his coolness in both the game and the anime. Episode 56, “Riko vs. Chili! Beyond the Battle,” is currently available on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

The video will be available until noon on Friday, July 5th, so why not see just how “explosively cool” “Chili” was and be enthralled by her charms? Inside also has exclusive interviews with Minori Suzuki, who plays Riko, Yuka Terasaki, who plays Roy, and Yoshino Aoyama, who plays Dot. Be sure to check these out when you’re enjoying “Anipoke.”

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