The album ‘Yuikoku Band’ from the anime ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ topped Billboard’s ‘Download Album Chart’ for the year’s first half!

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The album of the same name by the band ” Yuibu Band ” from the TV anime ” Bocchi the Rock! ” topped

The unity band is a band that appears in the anime “Bocchi the Rock.” The album “Yuikoku Band,” with the same name as the band’s name, will be released on December 25, 2022, and will debut at the top with 5,877 downloads in the first week.

After that, he won the top spot seven times and entered the top ten charts 21 times. Despite the anime reaching its final episode, it became a long hit, reaching number 10 even after half a year. It topped the Billboard JAPAN download album chart for the year’s first half with 54,566 downloads.

The official Twitter of the TV anime “Bocchi the Rock!” commented, “Thank you very much for all your support. We appreciate your continued support.”

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