Geo Holdings World K-Pop Center cooperates with Vietnam’s K-pop culture business.

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Geo Holdings announced on the 28th that it had signed a business agreement with the World K-Pop Center for developing the K-POP culture business in Vietnam.

This business agreement, held at the World K-Pop Center headquarters in Namsan, Jung-gu, Seoul, contains three main items.

First, the sponsorship contract for ‘CLlick The Star Season 1’, a project to discover girl groups in 32 global countries, is included in the World K-Pop Center.

In addition, the idol group discovered through the project was selected as the Southeast Asian advertising model of Geo Holdings, and it was decided to develop the overseas electric motorcycle market together with this project. Lastly, marketing collaboration regarding the Genie Casting booth business is the main content of the contract.

World K-Pop Center Co., Ltd. was established to nurture global trainers who will lead the development and continuity of content in line with the globalization trend of Hallyu, nurture cultural and artistic talents, and nurture professional artists.

According to an official, this MOU was made by sharing the vision of Geo Holdings, which actively engages in business activities such as electric motorcycles in Vietnam.

Park Seong-jin, CEO of World K-Pop Center Co., Ltd., said, “The influence of Hallyu, centered on K-pop, will become even bigger in the future.” “Through this contract with Geo Holdings, we will achieve globalization of ‘K-pop culture’ including Vietnam. “He said.

Jo Kyung-ho, CEO of Geo Holdings Co., Ltd., emphasized, “Based on the know-how and achievements of business development in Vietnam, we will bring another heyday of K-pop together with the World K-Pop Center.”

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