Anime In Another World With My Smartphone. Phase 2 production decision celebrating illustrations & voice actor comments released

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TV animation “In Another World With My Smartphone. It has been decided that the second phase will be produced. Even after the end of the first broadcast, we received many requests for a sequel, and after five years, the second production project started. At the same time, congratulatory comments and congratulatory illustrations from the cast were released.

The animation is a different world heartwarming fantasy of Mr Patora Fuyuhara, who has exceeded 391 million PV on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”. The story of a hero who died due to God’s mistake and started a second life in a different world with his body and smartphone raised by God. The total number of books in the series has exceeded 2.5 million, and TV animation was broadcast from July to September 2017.

Congratulatory message from Dr Patora Fuyuhara
Hello, this is Patora Fuyuhara. I’ve been waiting for a long time, but I can meet you again at winter night. “In Another World With My Smartphone. ] The second season of anime has been decided! This is also thanks to everyone who has supported us for a long time, even after the animation is over. I hope you enjoy it again.

Congratulatory message from each performer

Katsumi Fukuhara as Mochizuki Toya
In Another World With My Smartphone. Congratulations on the second season of TV animation! The first period is the summer broadcast of 2017. I was very nervous because I played the main character for the first time on a winter night. I still think of the recording scenery at that time. The final round was reached when I met Ende in the first term, but how will the second term proceed?

I’m looking forward to it from now on! I will do my best so that Isesma fans can enjoy themselves and I can grow up as much as possible! Thank you! !!

Maaya Uchida as Elze Sileska
Congratulations to Isesma for the second term! The last of the first term was a way of ending with new characters appearing and feeling implications! I am thrilled that the continuation is finally drawn. We will send you the second term in a fun and noisy way!

I’m looking forward to seeing that member again for the first time in a while. Everyone, look forward to the broadcast.

Yui Fukuo as Linde Sileska
“In Another World With My Smartphone. Congratulations on the second production decision! I’ve been involved in the form of a drama CD, but it’s like a dream that the day will come when I can meet everyone in the anime again. She was so happy when she got in touch that she cried a little. (laughs) Linde is usually a grown-up girl, but she’s a hard-working girl when she does it. I love everyone, including winter nights! I love Linde and love it. I got a glimpse of something a little bold in the first term, but I wonder if that side will be revealed in the second term …? !! I am excited from now on—Isesma with you. Please look forward to the follow-up report for the second term! !! !!

Chinatsu Akasaki as Yae Kuju
Congratulations on the second term decision! I’m looking forward to seeing the adventures and slapsticks of winter nights and brides (provisional) in the animation. Since it’s the second term, I’m sure that the cheat ability of winter nights will be further improved! I want you to be more refreshing and unrivalled. Of course, you can’t miss the activities of the brides! It’s a rare relationship where the brides accept polygamy, but can we still be happy with the goal? And will it be the complete “9 brides” talked about in the first term last? !! If there is a chance in this term, I will add “Gozaru”! May Yae eat a lot of delicious food …!

Marika Kouno as Yumina Elnea Belfast
“In Another World With My Smartphone.” Congratulations on the decision for the second term! Once again, I’m Marika Kouno, the role of Yumina Elnea Belfast. When I mentioned Yumina’s full name, she revived many memories of her five years ago. Isesuma has been a hot topic since the first term. Fuyuya-Kun receives a big tsukkomi from the cast members. I got a smile every time because of the vivid life in another world. I am happy to be able to travel the world of Isesma as Yumina again! Yumina is a young but solid person! She wears a positive wife aura as if she knew everything about romance. She hopes she won’t be messed with by slime and looks forward to her success in her second season!

Nanami Yamashita as Susie Ernea Ortlinde
In Another World With My Smartphone. Congratulations on the second term decision! !! !! And thank you to all Issesma fans! !! !! Even after the first broadcast of 2017, some of you have enjoyed continuing the story with the original light novel. I’m thrilled to know that this work has been loved for a long time ♪ I’m so glad to be able to meet and perform Susie, who moves innocently, and I’ll do my best to deliver the cuteness of Susie to everyone. Increase. Please wait for the start of the second broadcast while listening to the “Junjou Emotional” sung by the characters ♪ Thank you!

Lean role Sumire Uesaka
“In Another World With My Smartphone.” Congratulations on the second production! !! Lean, who lives longer than everyone else, has a grown-up personality and is a character with many scenes who enjoy making fun of winter nights. She is always doing her best in everything! It’s an excellent lean step back from the heroines, but when it comes to Fuyuya-san, she shows a girlish side and is cute!

I am excited about what kind of story will be drawn in the second term. Please look forward to the broadcast!

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