Episode 3: Conan “Zero no Nichijou” Toru Amuro, a bold off-shot that took off his clothes at a popular curry shop

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The scene cut of the third episode of the official spin-off work “Detective Conan Zero no Nichijou (Tea Time)” of the popular anime “Detective Conan” has been released.

Episode 3 “TIME.3” lying on the bed are Amuro and Kazami, who came to a popular curry speciality store. The topic at the store was about a mysterious person who settled the case last night. And Kazami boldly challenges the spicy curry …?

“Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life” is a story that depicts the everyday life of Toru Amuro, a popular character with three faces (triple faces), and an organization of public security, detectives, and black. In the key visuals that have been lifted, the disciple of the famous detective Kogoro Mouri, the private detective “Toru Amuro” who works at the cafe Poaro, the public security police “Rei Furuya” who protects Japan, and the member of the black organization “Bourbon”, Each figure is drawn.

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