Animation ‘NARUTO’ 20th Anniversary! A newly drawn illustration released Message from Junko Takeuchi.

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An exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the popular anime “NARUTO” will be held at AKIBA_SQUARE in Akihabara UDX from the 10th to January 31st. Be done. In commemoration of that, an illustration drawn by the original author, Masashi Kishimoto, and a comment from Junko Takeuchi, who plays Naruto, has arrived.

The newly drawn illustration of the list of goods sold at the Naruto exhibition is a piece where you can feel the growth of the boy Naruto and the grown-up Naruto winking at each other. Mr. Kishimoto said, “Congratulations on opening NARUTO THE GALLERY! I’m looking forward to enjoying the 20-year history of anime! As an original author and someone greatly influenced by anime, I feel like I will be full!”.

Takeuchi also said, “Everyone loves ‘NARUTO’ enough to hold such a large-scale exhibition as it is the 20th anniversary. However, please give me more love. Everyone. By visiting the gallery, love will accumulate and sublimate, and a big Rasengan will be completed, so please visit “NARUTO THE GALLERY” to create a love Rasengan. Please take me. I’ll be waiting for you!”

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