The latest PV of the anime ‘Kamierabi’ based on Yoko Taro’s original idea has been released Battle Royale by Kami-sama candidates with secrets.

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The latest PV and visual images of the new TV animation “Kamierabi,” scheduled to be broadcast on October 4, 2023, have been released.

This work was initially designed by Yoko Taro, known for ” NieR: Automata,” and by Atsushi Okubo, a manga artist known for ” Fire Force ” and ” Soul Eater. “This is a large-scale project with character designs by Hiroyuki Seshita, director of Knights of Sidonia and andBLAME!.” This work seems to be a battle royale game in which the main characters selected as candidates for “Kamisama” play out a battle royale game.

The main character is Goro, a virgin chosen by God who is not just an ordinary student. An extraordinary life begins when a message arrives on your smartphone saying, “You have been chosen. Please make your wishes come true.” Unique characters appear, such as Chika, a smooth-talking mad scientist, Kouki, the delinquent-looking student council president, and Iyo, an idol for many reasons.

On the outside, the characters are all bright and cheerful, but most of the Kamisama candidates seem to have a dark side to them. Honoka, a girl who seems to be one of the Kamisama candidates, appears to be a sadistic character who uses raw meat to activate her abilities and wields a massive sword to kill the main character with all her might. The Kamisama candidates fight using a great power that distorts the power of cause and effect. When they use such supernatural power, misfortune comes to those who use it as compensation.

However, it is still being determined whether the main character is the only one who experiences misfortune by using his powers or whether this is true for all Kamisama candidates. In the PV, you can see each Kamisama candidate using various extraordinary powers. From the looks of it, there is a glimpse of the power that can manipulate time, the energy that seems to control people, and the power that appears suitable for battle as it contains green flames.

I’m curious about one of the catchphrases displayed in the PV, which includes phrases such as “perverted, fetish, and battle royale.” Rather than just killing each other, it may be a work that tickles a unique fetish. You must be careful about this part because Yoko Taro is the original designer.

No scenes in the PV could be described as perverted, so perhaps the secret of perversion is hidden in the main character’s power. “Kamierabi” will be broadcast every Wednesday at 24:55 on Fuji TV “+Ultra” and other channels starting October 4, 2023.

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