Pre-orders for jackets, watches, bags, and wallets in collaboration with ‘Hatsune Miku’ have started.

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On August 24, SuperGroupies started accepting orders for three items in collaboration with the virtual singer ” Hatsune Miku. ” In this collaboration, we have a lineup of jackets, watches, bags, and wallets. Although each is black, it is a stylish item incorporating Hatsune Miku’s iconic color “Miku Green.” Among the collaboration items, the jacket that stands out is black while incorporating many Hatsune Miku-like motifs such as the letter “01” on the left arm, the button on the arm cover, and the design inspired by headphones and tie pins on the neck. It seems useful as a jacket that is easy to wear by using it as a base color. In this collaboration as well, the familiar wristwatches will appear in the Super Groupies collaboration.

The gradation from black to Miku green on the board and belt has a unique design that changes the expression depending on the viewing angle. The motif of the long and short hands is the decoration on the twin tails of Hatsune Miku. If you are a fan, this design reminds you of Hatsune Miku at first glance.

The bag is a functional body bag type that can be sacked diagonally. Like the jacket, the letters 01 are engraved, and the knobs and spectrum analyzer reminiscent of a synthesizer are printed, making it more cyber. The design is full of emotion. A wallet with a design you want to carry with your bag, a bright Miku Green appears when you open the zipper. Because it is an item that you use every day, why not make it a thing with two sides that you will never get tired of? The order reservation acceptance period is until 12:00 on September 13 (Monday).

The price and delivery schedule are as follows. Super Groupies has announced a correction regarding the shipping schedule of bags, wallets, and watches, so we have changed. Jacket tax-included 24,200 yen Mid-December 2021 Bag tax-included 15,400 yen Late January 2022 Wallet tax-included 13,200 yen Late January 2022 Watch tax-included 22,000 yen Late February 2022 Release full text Is as follows. Men and women can dress a little nicer! New items have appeared in collaboration with “Hatsune Miku”! Watches, bags, wallets, and outerwear with Miku green on a black base are a must-see for fans! Virtual that boasts worldwide popularity Items inspired by the singer “Hatsune Miku” are back! A lineup of watches, bags, wallets, and outerwear with Miku green on a black base. With purchaser-only benefits. Men’s and women’s questions All items that can be dressed up nicely are limited to make-to-order products, so don’t miss it!

Hatsune Miku Model Wrist Watch A watch with a vivid pink accent on the gradation of Miku green. The belt-inspired triangle pattern and costumes and matching keyboard motifs are used abundantly, and the 9 o’clock index is also designed with a tie clip. The back cover with familiar numbers and silhouettes is also a point!

Hatsune Miku Model Blouson A twill shirt jacket with Miku green stitching all over the place. The numbering of “01” matches Miku, the piss name that imaged the hair color and hair ornament, and the small size on the back hem tag is as if it is equipped with a music player, and it is full of Miku-ness, making it a playful finish. Adopting a silhouette and black base that is easy to use every day, you can make a stylish outfit just by putting it on! Product name: “Hatsune Miku” collaboration Watch, bag, wallet, outer (4 types in total)

Hatsune Miku model Preliminary period Between: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 to Monday, September 13, 12:00 Delivery schedule: Watches: Around the end of February 2010 Bags / wallets / Around the end of January 2021 Outer / Around mid-December 2021 Small selling price: Watch / 22,000 yen (tax included) Bag / 15,400 yen (tax included) Wallet / 13,200 yen (tax included) Outer / 24,200 yen (tax included) Special page URL: Seki continuous page UR L1: related page UR L2: INSTRUCTION destination: SuperGroupies ( super groupie’s ) Author operation rights notation:. Art by sac © Crypton Future Media, INC What is SuperGroupies? The concept is “animation in fashion!” SuperGroupies is a brand that proposes fashion styles in collaboration with anime and games under the concept of “animation in fashion!”.

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