Anime ‘Pokemon’ Hikari reunites with Satoshi Darkrai and a quick start.

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The scene cut of episode 74 of the popular anime “Pokemon” broadcast on the 30th (TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55 pm broadcast date and time varies depending on the region) has been released. It will be broadcast for two weeks on the 23rd and 30th as a “summer special episode” set in the Sinnoh region. Still, Hikari and partner Pokemon’s Piplup will appear in Anipoke for the first time in about nine years from “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.”

75th episode of Hikari reuniting with Satoshi, “Cresselia Midsummer Night Light,” Koharu, traveling between Hikari and the Sinnoh region, encounters a wounded Cresselia he enters a specific forest. After somehow treating Cresselia, the two fall asleep and have a mysterious dream of Darkrai and Cresselia meeting. When I wake up from my imagination and spend time with Cresselia, Darkrai appears there, and I feel like I’m in a hurry! ?? Meanwhile, Satoshi and Go also follow Darkrai to the forest.

The anime “Pokemon” currently being broadcast is the 7th in the series. Set in all the regions that have appeared so far, various Pokemon that live in each area also appear. The story of Satoshi and Go, the main characters of W, adventuring in each region with their partner Pikachu.

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