Turban shells are surprisingly indifferent to their favorite food, stone-roasted sweet potatoes. People around them are worried about their health.

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Fuji TV’s anime series “Sazae-san” (every Sunday from 6:30 p.m.) will air three episodes today, the 19th: “Kyokui Ippon,” “Hayakawa-san’s Eraser,” and “Couple Fight Overtime.”

“The ultimate one”
Turban shells pay no attention to a truck passing by in front of them selling their favorite food, stone-roasted sweet potatoes. And when Fune prepares a roasted sweet potato for a snack, she says, “Let’s all eat it,” and leaves. Everyone is worried about Sazae’s health. However, Sazae was trying to do that because she thought, “If you have a lot of patience and then eat a roasted sweet potato, it will taste the best.”

“Hayakawa’s eraser”

Katsuo borrows a brand new eraser made in Germany from Hanako. Hanako accidentally brought it home when she was studying with the Hayakawa family. When Katsuo returns the eraser to Hayakawa, she says, “Isono-kun, use it.” Hayakawa rarely uses erasers, she says. Shocked by this, Katsuo decides to live a life without using erasers.

“Couple fight overtime”
Namihei and Fune fight over trivial things. While the family is concerned, when the fight finally subsides, Namihei asks Fune, “Where’s your ear pick?” When Fune suspects that Namihei didn’t return it when he doesn’t find it in his usual place, Namihei insists that he did, which irritates Namihei. In the end, it was Masuo’s fault, but the relationship between Namihei and Fune once again becomes suspicious.

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