Anime ‘Pokemon’ ‘Masters Eight’ new PV released! Comments from Rica Matsumoto, Aoi Yuki, Kensho Ono, and others have arrived.

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From the TV anime “Pokemon,” a new PV of “Masters Eight” who will participate in the “Masters Tournament,” which will start soon, has been released. In addition, comments arrived from eight cast members, including Rica Matsumoto, who played Satoshi, Aoi Yuki, Kensho Ono, Fumiko Orikasa, Susumu Chiba, and Kenichi Suzumura, Tomo Sakurai, and Daisuke Ono.

The tournament “Pokemon World Championships” decides the most muscular Pokemon battle. The top eight selected “Masters Eight” are the strong men who have won from each region.

Including Dande, the world’s most vigorous champion who is undefeated as a galal champion, Sinnoh champion Sirona who also has a face as an archaeologist, Hoenn champion Daigo, Devon Corporation sergeant, Can Tho Johto champion Wataru, a world-famous actress, and Kalos champion Carne, Alain, who won the Kalos League Miare Tournament, Iris, a young Ish champion, and trainers who have the ability of the champion class in each regional league are lined up. And in this, Satoshi, the first champion of the Arora League, will also fully participate in the war.

Surrounded by strong enemies, can Satoshi shine as the most vigorous champion in the Pokemon Battle world? The PV released this time is one in which such strong men from the battle will appear with their partner Pokemon. It is an exciting finish to play an active part in fighting and bonding with Pokemon. The match cards you care about will be announced later, so keep an eye out for more updates.

The TV anime “Pokemon” is broadcast on TV Tokyo from 18:55 every Friday. 21 days until the opening of the Master’s Tournament, and you can’t miss the unprecedented dream match.

The whole comment is posted below.

The next stage for Satoshi, who was selected for the “Pokemon World Championships” “Masters Eight,” … a crucial moment. Every week, Satoshi fights with the feelings of the brave men who have battled so far, screaming with all his might, “It’s okay to have a broken throat.”

Winning is not the only thing that leads to a Pokemon Master. Where is your true strength? I would be happy if everyone could be informed through Satoshi.

I am very excited to be able to fight as an iris for league winners and regional champions! For those who have been watching the anime for a long time or who have battled them as players in the game, it’s exciting to imagine these eight strong men from worldwide gathering and fighting. It will jump.

Please look forward to the best dream match that you can’t miss even one episode! Every battle is enthusiastic, and the greater your love for Pokemon, the more you will enjoy it. And Iris is doing his best in that, so please support me! Iris’ partner Pokemon are also overgrowing, so please pay attention to the bond between her and the Pokemon drawn there.

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