The 67th Shogakukan Manga Awards are ‘The Winner of February,’ ‘Mystery,’ ‘My Love Mix-Up,’ and ‘Komi-san.’

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The 67th Shogakukan Manga Award was announced today, on January 18th. The general category is Shiho Takase “Winner of February-Absolutely Passed Classroom-,” Yumi Tamura “Mystery,” the category for girls is Wataru Hinekure / Aruko’s drawing “My Love Mix-Up,” and the category for boys is Tomohito Oda. “Mr. Furumi has communism.” Was awarded respectively. There is no applicable work in the children’s section.

“February Winner-Absolutely Passed Classroom-” is a story about the strongest and worst super school instructor, Kurohito Kuroki, who cuts into various problems in modern society, set in a junior high school exam cram school. It is being serialized in the weekly Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan), and since October last year, a TV drama starring Yuya Yagira has been aired. “Mystery,” also selected for the general public category, is being serialized in the monthly flowers (Shogakukan). A story about a natural perm college student, Sei Kuno, who is involved in some troubles but reveals the essence of the incident at his own pace. The drama is being broadcast.

In the girl category, “My Love Mix-Up!”, Which is being serialized in the separate Margaret (Shueisha), won the award. It is a romantic comedy that begins with a misunderstanding between high school boys and girls. Last October, a TV drama starring Shunsuke Michieda (Naniwa Danshi) and Ren Meguro (Snow Man) was broadcast. “Komi-san has communism.”, Which won the category for boys, is being serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan). Komi, a beautiful girl who is not good at talking to people, is a youth comedy that depicts her growing up little by little when she became friends with Tadano, who understands her feelings. TV animation was broadcast from the moon. Aiming to start broadcasting in April this year, the second period of TV animation has also been decided.

Seven members, Eiji Kazama, Genki Kawamura, Kazuhiko Shimamoto, Bourbon Kobayashi, Fujihiko Hosono, Naoko Matsuda, and Maha Harada, served as judges for the 67th Shogakukan Manga Award. The winner will be awarded a bronze statue “Minori” by Shigeru Nakano as a positive prize and 1 million yen as a supplementary prize.

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