Shoot! Episode 3 Nomination of starting lineup as a forward!

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The TV anime “Shoot!” Which is being broadcast on Saturday, July 2, 2022. The third episode of “Goal to the Future” has been released with a synopsis and scene photos. In addition, the ending non-credit video has been lifted.

Tsukasa Oshima’s cumulative circulation of 50 million copies of the soccer manga “Shoot!” was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine for about 13 years, from 1990 to 2003. New animation decision! !! 19 years after the end of the serialization, it will be revived as a wholly original and unique animation in line with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where the soccer world is booming!

In this work, Atsushi Kamiya, a former Italian prestigious team, and Hideto Tsuji, who is from Kamiya’s school and is now attending the weakened Kakegawa High School and trying to keep a distance from the soccer club, meet. , A new legend begins.

The third episode will be broadcast on AT-X from 23:30 on Saturday, July 16, and TOKYO MX and others from 22:00 on Sunday, July 17.
Click here for the synopsis!

Episode 3 “The one who leaves”
“Only those who want to play soccer come.” Kamiya, who officially took over the director, said so.

The next day, Hideto wakes up early in the morning and visits the soccer club’s morning training to return the borrowed uniform. I’m going to finish my errands and go home, but the situation changes completely when Kamiya arrives. Despite not being a member, Hideto was nominated as a starting lineup by Kamiya as a forward.

Hideto refuses to join the club in a hurry, but Kamiya isn’t willing to replenish the alternative. He says he’ll have ten players in the match. Hideto reluctantly decides to join the club because of the gaze of the members.

Following the previous non-credit opening, the non-credit ending video has been unveiled!

Various facial expressions of Kakegawa High School soccer club members are drawn according to the pop tone of the ED theme song “RIVALS,” sung all at once.

In the first half, Hideto Tsuji, the hero sits down with a worried look, and behind him, the rugged facial expressions and sad faces of other members flow.

In the second half, it changed from such a dark development. Tsuji, Kurokawa, and Fuma’s Kakegawa High School Soccer Club’s first-year trio walk behind them, talking as if a cute cat guided them. And you can see coach Kamiya and seniors in the soccer club playing with each other, feeding cats, and lying down together!

It is a relaxing ED video that suggests the future whereabouts of the Kakegawa soccer club that showed turmoil from the first episode.

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