‘Mobile Suit Z Gundam’ pilot popularity ranking No. 1 has been decided! Second place is ‘Camille Bidan’

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Various pilots appeared in the anime “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” such as boosted humans who artificially created a new type from military pilots. Therefore, from February 10, 2022, to February 16, 2022, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “What is your favorite pilot in Mobile Suit Z Gundam?”

In this questionnaire, we received a total of 1656 votes. Thank you for your many votes! Let’s see the ranking results.

Camille Bidan
The second place is “Camille Bidan,” who collected 287 votes. Belonging to Eugo as the story’s main character, we will board “Gundam Mk-II” and “Ζ Gundam.” Her genius pilot sense is called the return of Amuro Ray, such as participating in the battle with the “Gundam Mk-II” that she boarded for the first time without training. Since he started fighting in “Z Gundam,” he fully demonstrated his power as a new type and defeated many rivals.

Quattro Bazina
The first place is “Quattro Bazina,” which collected 294 votes. Its true identity is the pilot “Char Aznable” representing the Gundam series. His skill as a pilot was top-notch, and he fought to bring out the performance of aircraft such as “Rick Diaz” and “Hyakushiki.” He was calm and calm on the battlefield, preferring a way of fighting that would make the most of his subordinates. Especially when maneuvering the Hyakushiki, who was worried about his armor, he shows his agile movements and a divine technique to evade enemy attacks.

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