Arirang TV ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ Brazil, hot Korean wave.

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Visit Brazil on Arirang T.V.’s ‘Simply K-Pop Contour.’

While Brazil, the country of passion, is buzzing with the heat of the Korean Wave, K-pop is commonly played on local T.V. shows in Brazil. In addition, a K-pop singer swept awards at the Brazilian music awards ceremony, and it was introduced as the 5th country that consumes the most K-pop in the world.

Thanks to the popularity of K-pop, which is deeply permeated into Brazilian culture, the news that a local drama with a K-pop theme is being produced has also been reported, drawing attention.

In addition, K-dramas began to draw attention due to the influence of the ‘Squid Game,’ which caused a global boom. The status of Korean films in Brazil is gradually increasing due to the effects of ‘Parasite’ and ‘Minari.’ In addition, ‘The Masked Singer Brasil,’ a remake of the Korean entertainment program ‘King of Mask Singer,’ is also recording high viewer ratings every season. Korean webtoons and animations are also gaining attention in Brazil because they are gaining immense popularity. Francine, a talented artist in the Brazilian POP world, has sent a video message to fans worldwide through ‘Simply K-Pop Contour.’ ‘Francine,’ who debuted with her single ‘I’m Alive’ in 2015, is the first Brazilian female singer to record K-pop music. She enjoys K-pop as well as Korean movies and dramas. Introduce yourself that love is great.

In particular, Francine, famous for the duet song ‘Te Quiero Mas’ sung in Korean and Portuguese with a Korean singer, piped directly to fans worldwide. It was also stated that

Also, she recently released the song when she announced the release of her new song, ‘Goodbye,’ which she recently recorded in Korea. You can also see an interview video with spoilers for Francine’s new song.

K-POP♥Brazilian female cover dance team ‘Queens of Revolution.’

The six-member female K-pop dance cover team from Brazil, ‘ Queens Of Revolution (Queens Of Revolution),’ also greeted fans worldwide through this contour Brazil part.

The ‘Queens Of Revolution’ team, formed in 2015, is a famous K-pop cover dance team in Brazil that achieved 7 million YouTube views with BLACKPINK’s ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ and Everglow’s ‘LADIDA’ cover dance videos.

The members of ‘Queens Of Revolution’ mentioned Everglow as a K-pop singer they would like to perform together and explained why they chose ‘the song is good, and the choreography is creative and addictive.’ Next, to the question of special MCs Jinhee and Minji whether any of the Secret Number songs were covered, the members immediately answered Secret Number, saying that they thought ‘Who dIs?’ and ‘Doom Cheetah’ fit well with their sexy, powerful and energetic self. M.C. performed the song and choreography of ‘Doom Cheetah’ and received cheers from fans.

The interview of ‘Queens Of Revolution,’ which was full of passion and love for K-Pop, can be found in Simply K-Pop Contour.

In the Brazilian version of ‘Simply K-Pop Contour,’ a colorful lineup such as KARD, B.I., and Lafilus, Secret No. ‘s Jinhee and Minji appeared as special M.C.s. In contrast, bright and exciting performances by K-pop singers unfolded.

After a long hiatus, KARD (Kard), who returned as a whole group after a year and ten months, performed a comeback stage with the summer song ‘Ring The Alarm,’ which depicts the mood of ‘Let’s enjoy this new time with rhythmic sound and performance.’ The appearance of KARD, explosively popular in South America, was met with enthusiastic reactions from Brazilian fans. KARD presented a passionate stage that combines coolness and sexiness for fans worldwide.

The multinational girl group Lapilus also made their debut with the song ‘HIT YA!’, which contains solid and ambitious aspirations. Lapilus captured the hearts of Brazilian fans by exuding the charm of a teen crush with an explosive dance break. Singer B.I., who has recently received hot response from domestic and foreign listeners with his new song ‘BTBT,’ also took the stage with perfect live performances and performances on the music show stage after a long time.

Among the audience who visited the studio that day, a fan from Brazil even brought a Brazilian flag to send enthusiastic support to K-pop singers, and Brazilian fans watching online also received comments of thanks and support.

In addition, Dripin, BDC, Pixie, Omega X, Trend Magazine, Bergaboo, SEMA, etc., will appear to captivate fans worldwide with their splendid performances. The Brazilian version of ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ will be available on Arirang T.V. on July 1st / Friday, July 8th at 1pm.

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