Stray Kids, Ive, Le Seraphim Selected as ‘HIT Artist,’ the center of the topic in the first half of 2022

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The global fandom laboratory of the global fandom platform Mubit announced the artist report for the year’s first half.

In the artist report for the first half of this year, you can check at a glance the artists who have been loved by K-pop fans worldwide every month from February to June of this year.

In particular, unlike the existing method of selecting the top men’s and women’s teams in each category, the overall first-place squad was announced, and representativeness was increased.

The Mubit Artist Report is a monthly report that analyzes data collected for a month based on the number of YouTube music video views provided by the ‘Video Chart’ of the fandom lab in the app.

The artist with the best number of hits among monthly releases will be selected in the ‘HIT of the Month’ category, and the artist with consistently good hits will be selected in the ‘Rising Artist’ category.

The group ‘Le Seraphim’ was listed on Mubit’s ‘HIT of the Month.’

Le Seraphim, who had been looking forward to their debut as ‘Hive’s first girl group,’ showed a unique presence, such as the number of music video views of their debut song ‘FEARLESS’ surpassing 10 million views within 20 hours of release, making a mark on K-pop fans around the world.

Even after the ‘FEARLESS’ activity ends, they are linked on the Billboard charts for eight weeks in a row, breaking records such as holding the chart for the longest time among K-pop girl groups that debuted this year.

They also maintained the top spot on the domestic music charts, establishing themselves as the representative 4th generation girl group in name and reality.

According to Mubeat, the K-pop artists who became the center of attention in the first half of 2022 are ‘Kepler,’ who has been dubbed the most outstanding rookie of all time, ‘Treasure’ and ‘Stray Kids,’ the 4th generation male idol representatives, and ‘Ive,’ who rose to the top right after their debut.’ and ‘Reseraphim.’

Thanks to this popularity, they are expected to captivate fans with various activities such as overseas tours.

We look forward to their progress as they have established themselves as K-Pop representatives by satisfying domestic and foreign fans with their exclusive performances and music.

According to the Mubit Artist Report’s activity continuity index, Loona’s ‘Butterfly,’ released on the 26th of last month, showed steady growth in YouTube views and was named in the Rising Artist category.

LOOΠΔ is receiving a lot of support and love by taking the runners-up in Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2’.

LOONA, who recently made a comeback with the summer special mini-album ‘Flip That,’ not only surpassed the Initial Chodong sales of 110,000 copies based on the Hanteo Chart count but also reached the top spot on the iTunes charts in 31 countries around the world. is showing

According to the artist report that Mubit has released every month since February, ‘Cosmic Girls’ Jjokomi, who started their second unit activity, ‘BBBG,’ which is continuing its passion after the reunion, and ‘Secret Number,’ which has a long-running fan base with a solid concept. ”Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Loona’ were honored as monthly rising artists.

Especially in the summer, various girl groups are expected to return, and expectations are rising for those who lead K-pop with solid skills and overflowing personalities.

The global platform Mubit provides a service that makes it easy to find music videos of Korea’s leading broadcasters by artist, member, and album, as well as various K-pop fandom activities.

Recently, based on our data, we are trying to quantify the monthly K-pop performance to record and develop the artist’s position and popularity.

Meanwhile, Mubit, the center of global K-pop fandom activities with 7.1 million downloads worldwide, can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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