‘Attack on Titan The Final Season’ ‘The world is cruel’ The past of the founder Ymir who became the first giant, is revealed / Anime Episode 80

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On Sunday, February 6, 2022, the late-night anime “Attack on Titan The Final Season” broadcasts episode 80, “From You 2000 Years Ago”. The past of the ancestor Ymir, who became the first giant, has been revealed, and viewers have responded with “too fierce” and “the world is cruel “.

Ymir was a kind-hearted girl but a slave to the first King Fritz. Eldia’s companions chased her on suspicion of having escaped a domestic pig. Still, during the escape, she came into contact with “something” in a giant tree, and she gained the power of a giant. To obtain.

Since then, her power has been used for the Eldia tribe under King Fritz, contributing significantly to her territorial expansion. She had three daughters with the king as her reward, but King Fritz did not love ymir until the end.

On the contrary, the king orders her daughters to eat Ymir’s body to take over the power of her giant. Furthermore, “Daughters. Give birth to children and keep increasing.” “Don’t let Ymir’s blood die. If your daughter dies, feed your grandchildren.” “If your grandchildren die, their spine will change from child to child.” Then, “nine giants” will be born.

It seems that many viewers were shocked by the spectacular past of “Ancestral Ymir,” which began with the escape of domestic pigs. Voices such as “It’s more aggressive than I imagined” and “I’m just too sad …” were spreading on SNS.

Ellen released Ymir’s anguish, and tens of millions of giants began to trample the world at the end of the story. It seems that another shock will be waiting for us next time.

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