‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click,’ a K-pop, rising star project featuring a large number of super rookies, first held on February 28

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[Reporter Park Chan] K-POP Rising Star Spotlight Project’ Dream Rising in K-Pop Click (after this referred to as Dream)’ hosted by K-POP CLICK, a K-pop (K-pop) content platform developed by Genie Ground Co., Ltd. and World K-Pop Center Rising).’ will be held on the 28th.

Dream Rising is a collaboration project launched by Korea’s leading K-POP platforms such as K-Pop Click, Korea Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA), JWK Entertainment, and Korn Media Co., Ltd. to present various stages of Super Rookies to the public. The rising idol corps will appear and show their wings towards the top.

The 1st Dream Rising in K-Pop Click concert will be an intact (non-face-to-face) concert. From 7 pm on the 28th, a stage full of energy by a total of 3 teams of ‘complete idol’ rookies will provide excitement and healing to the public online. The performance will be held at the World K-Pop Center in Namsan, Seoul, and will be broadcast live through K-Pop Click from 7 PM. The K-POP complex cultural space of the World K-Pop Center where the performances will be held was opened at the end of last year, and it is expected to build a new paradigm for K-POP performances and contents as it boasts an unrivaled scale.

In this Dream Rising, veteran host Kim Shin-young, active as a DJ of ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin-young,’ will join as the MC. As for the artist lineup, global super rookies CRAXY, Cipher, and OMEGA X will be dispatched as runners for the first meeting.

In particular, the appearance of Omega X, who broke a career-high with the second mini-album ‘LOVE ME LIKE,’ which was released in January, recorded the highest number of Initial Chodongs and is making the hearts of global fans flutter. The three teams, which have strong fandoms at home and abroad, are expected to continue their steep rise with attractive stages with their team colors.

Through a total of 12 performances per year, Dream Rising will focus on K-pop super rookies who have talent and talent and will play an active role as an essential gateway for idols. Every month, a list of emerging K-pop players is scheduled, and the broadcast is broadcast through the MBC music channel. In solid global growth, expectations are growing as to what the rising stars who will play as future leaders will show up.

K-Pop Click, which announced the platform opening by completing the ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ concert in January, is a K-pop specialized platform that provides content planning and performance business services. As a professional community that combines blockchain technology and K-POP content, it offers high-quality K-POP contents services to fandoms worldwide.

Next, it plans to launch and provide various services, such as online and offline performance content, sales of K-POP-related goods, live commerce service that sells individual products of celebrities, and fair K-POP chart and entertainment news community service.

Meanwhile, the World K-Pop Center will introduce K-Pop Click and Seoul Mirae Music, a practical music alternative education community that fosters outstanding cultural and artistic talents, and Star Donation and Artist Audition, an association that spreads good influence as a star talent donation and social service organization. It is leading the K-POP cultural content market by operating Genie Casting, etc. The World K-Pop Center is recruiting official ambassadors and continues to carry out various artistic projects, including content development and global artist training.

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