Netofuri animation announces new information at once “Cyberpunk: Edge Runners” teaser video etc.

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At Netflix’s online event “Geeked Week” [Day 3: Anime], new information and new videos of horror, mystery, science fiction, adventure, and all genres of anime were announced.

was full of information on new Japanese animations. The scene cut of the space horror “exception” (screenplay: Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi), character design: Yoshitaka Amano) has been lifted. Announcing the production of the new series “Moonrise” by Tow Ubukata, directed by Masashi Koizuka, and WIT STUDIO.

The delivery month of the spin-off movie “The Seven Deadly Sins Edinburgh Part 1” of the popular anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” series has been decided in December, and the character name materials have been released. Decided to produce a new project “Junji Ito” Maniac “by “Genius of the horror manga world”. The ban on the distribution of the popular manga original TV anime “Uncle from Another World” has been lifted one after another.

Furthermore, the making video “Arcane” (exclusively distributed), which depicts the fate of a city where the crisis of war is at stake, is based on the popular PC online game “League of Legends”. A new sensation animation for adults drawn across all genres such as science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, comedy, etc., directed by David Fincher, who created the live-action movies “Seven” and “Social Network”. A special video behind the scenes of “Love, Death & Robot” Vol.3 (exclusively distributed).

TRIGGER and CD PROJEKT RED, a spin-off of the worldwide blockbuster video game “Cyberpunk 2077” that tells the story of a boy who chooses to become a mercenary of an outlaw known as cyberpunk in a world obsessed with technology and physical strengthening. The ban on the teaser video and key visuals of the original animation series “Cyberpunk: Edge Runners” (delivered in September) has also been lifted.

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