Reboot version ‘Masters Super Sky Conqueror’ finally started Starring Kyle Allen

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The live-action movie “Masters of the Universe” based on Mattel’s toys has been realized by Netflix production and starring Kyle Allen in “West Side Story”. The Hollywood Reporter and others have reported.

“Masters of the Universe” is an action figure series developed by Mattel, a major US toymaker, and Adam, the hero of justice who has superhuman power, is a unique companion. Follow them and draw a figure confronting the evil dark demon king Skelter to protect his home planet Eternia. In the United States, when the figure was released in 1981, it became explosively popular. Since then, it has produced numerous works such as TV animation, comics, video games, and feature films. In 1987, it was made into a live-action movie as the science fiction action “Masters of the Universe” starring Dolph Lundgren.

Initially, it was a project that Sony Pictures, which owns the rights, had been planning for many years in response to the big hit of the “Transformer” series, which was also based on toys. Although it was decided to make a live-action movie starring Noah Centineo, who made a break in the film, there was no progress after that, and it was abandoned.

Netflix is ​​a 2D animation series “Masters of Universe” for adults with gorgeous voice actors such as “Heaman and Masters of Universe”, a CG animated series based on “Masters of the Universe”, and Mark Hamill. He has already worked on two works of “Apocalypse”. In a new reboot version produced in collaboration with Mattel Films, Mitel’s film division, the Aaron & Adam Nee brothers who worked on the Netflix movie “Todd Robbers’ Thieves” are Dave Callaham (“Shan Shan”. In addition to writing the script and taking the megaphone in collaboration with “The Legend of Qi Ten Rings”), Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch of the “Equalizer” series will be the producers.

Allen, selected as the main character HE-MAN / Adam, attracted attention in Hulu’s original drama “THE PATH” and then an SF youth drama depicting two young men and women who got stuck in a time loop. “Looking for a map for tomorrow”, a love story “All My Life”, which is a movie adaptation of the actual novel of a couple who realized a wedding in two weeks after being sentenced to half a year to live, was highly evaluated. Starring in succession in the excellent movie that I got. She has also appeared in the new film “West Side Story” directed by Steven Spielberg, a re-movie of the masterpiece Broadway musical “West Side Story” that was made into a movie in 1961 and is expected to be active in the future. Has been done.

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