Ikimonogakari’s ‘Pretty Cure’ 20th-anniversary song composer Seie Yoshioka tears up during the song.

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It has been revealed that the duo unit Ikimonogakari has drawn a new song, “Tokimeki,” as the 20th-anniversary song for the anime “Pretty Cure” series.

“PreCure” 20th anniversary PV where you can listen to “Tokimeki” The “Precure” series started with “Futari wa Pretty Cure,” which began broadcasting on February 1, 2004, and “Delicious Party Pretty Cure,” which is currently being published.

There are 19 works up to, and a movie has also been released. While changing the motif and theme every year, an ordinary girl transforms into a warrior, “Pretty Cure,” and fights against an evil organization. In-depth articles and stories such as friendship, bonds, and growth are drawn.

In 2023, we will enter the 20th anniversary year of broadcasting, and from February 5, TV Asahi will broadcast the 20th work, “Spreading Sky!” The pretty Cure” broadcast has been decided.

This time, Ikimonogakari is in charge of Pretty Cure’s 20th-anniversary song “Tokimeki,” written and composed by leader Yoshiki Mizuno (Gt), arranged by music producer Masanori Shimada, and put on a gorgeous sound, vocalist Seie Yoshioka. , powerfully sings a song filled with heart-warming messages.

Mizuno said, “I am very honored to be involved in a work that has a long history of 20 years and is still loved today.” I could feel the power coming out, and while I was singing, I was overwhelmed and burst into tears.” I think it would be nice to have it,” he said, revealing the thoughts he put into the song.

On the official Pretty Cure YouTube channel, the “Pretty Cure 20th Anniversary PV”, where you can listen to a part of “Tokimeki,” has been released.

Ikimonogakari comment

Yoshiki Mizuno
I am very honored to be involved in a work with a long history of 20 years and still loved.

In a world where many unimaginable things happen, enjoying the world in front of you as much as possible is essential, and I’m rooting for the Precure characters to do the same. The fans are also fighting the days before them, so I wrote this song intending to write a song that can be positive and a tailwind.

I hope that those who have been watching Pretty Cure since 2004 and those who are watching Pretty Cure now can enjoy this year’s memorial year and our Ikimonogakari songs. It would be nice if it sparkled like this. I want to send it with such a wish.

I could feel my energy and power even when I sang it. I was deeply moved by the idea of ​​trying to put my feelings into the lyrics, and I sang while being driven by the fresh feeling I had when I first started singing, so I hope I can convey that feeling.

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