BS12, free broadcast of anime movies for six consecutive nights from July 18th. ‘Liz and the blue bird’ etc.

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BS12 Twelve, a free-to-air broadcast of BS, will broadcast anime works that make you feel “summer” for six consecutive nights from July 18 to 23rd. The broadcast starts at 7 pm each day. The lineup includes “Theatrical Version Natsume Yujincho -Tie to Utsusemi-,” “Penguin Highway,” “Liz and the Blue Bird,” and “Kawado’s Ku and Summer Vacation.” The broadcast schedule is as follows.

July 18th, 7 pm- “Theatrical version Natsume Yujincho-Connect to Utsusemi-“
July 19th, 7 pm- “I want to hear your voice.”
July 20th, 7 pm- “Penguin Highway.”
July 21st, 7 pm- “Liz and the Blue Bird.”
July 22nd, 7 pm- “Theatrical Version Yowamushi Pedal.”
July 23, 7 pm- “Kawado no Ku and Summer Vacation.”

First night: 7 o’clock on Sunday, July 18- “Theatrical version Natsume Yujincho-Connect to Utsusemi-“

Takashi Natsume has seen the youkai that no one else can see since he was little. Reiko, her late grandmother, is about to compete and inherits the “Friends Book,” a bunch of contracts that let the defeated youkai write her name. Since then, Natsume, who spends her days returning her name to the youkai with her self-proclaimed bouncer, Nyanko-sensei, remembers the bitter memories of the youkai by accidentally reuniting with her old classmate Yuki.

Second night: 7 o’clock on Monday, July 19- “I want to hear your voice”

Nagisa, who lives in the seaside town of Hinosaka, is a 16-year-old girl who is a little impatient because she cannot find her dream for the future. Nagisa believed in the story of Kotodama that she heard from her grandmother when she was little. One day, Nagisa gets lost in an old mini FM station and imitates a DJ. Then, by chance, Kotoba, which was broadcast, reached an unexpected person.

Third night: July 20 (Tuesday) from 7:00 to “Penguin Highway.”

Aoyama, a fourth-grader, is a boy who learns about the world day by day and records what he has learned in his notebook. The most exciting thing for him is the “older sister” at the dentist’s office-friendly, big breasts, freewheeling, and somehow mysterious. One day, ahead of summer vacation, a penguin appears in the suburbs where he lives. Where did the penguins, who suddenly appeared and disappeared in a residential area without the sea, come from, and where did they go while the city’s people were in turmoil?

Fourth night: July 21 (Wednesday) from 7:00 to “Liz and the Blue Bird.”

Mizore Armozuka, who is in charge of the oboe in the brass band club of Kita Uji High School, and Nozomi Kasagi, who is in order of flute, are both third graders. In the final free song, “Liz and the Blue Bird,” of the competition, there was a solo part where oboe and flute crossed. Nozomi, who casually talks about “this song is like us,” and sleet who are afraid that someday they will part. For some reason, the two of my best friends didn’t get in touch with each other …

Fifth Night: 7: 00- “Theatrical Version Yowamushi Pedal” by Thursday, July 22

Sakamichi Onoda of the Sohoku High School Cycling Club, who won the Inter-High School Championships, was working hard on his daily practice under the guidance of a third-year student who was about to graduate. One day at the end of the summer, Team Sohoku receives an invitation to participate in the “Kumamoto Fire Country Yamanami Race,” The team with excellent results from Inter-High will participate. The slopes will raise their morale for the race where the strongest players from all over the country, such as the rival team burning in the defeated Sohoku and the local Kumamoto Daiichi, will gather.

Sixth night: July 23 (Friday) from 7:00 to “Kawado no Ku and summer vacation.”

One day before summer vacation, Koichi Uehara, an elementary school student, picks up a big stone on his way home. When I took it home and washed it with water, a kappa child appeared from inside. Koichi named this child “Ku” and decided to live with him. Two people take a bath together, surround the table, and sleep in the same bed. The Uehara family, who were surprised at first, accept Ku. One day, Ku said he would return to his companion. Koichi decides to travel alone for the first time with Ku to Tono, which is surrounded by abundant nature, where the legend of Kappa remains.

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