Free release of all episodes of the manga ‘Golden Kamuy’, extended until May 8

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The free release campaign period for all episodes of the manga ” Golden Kamuy ” has been extended, and until May 8th, the comic site “My Neighbors Young Jump”.

This work is a popular manga by Satoru Noda, who has sold over 18 million copies in the series.

On April 28th, the final episode of “Weekly Young Jump” was announced, and a live-action movie was announced, which attracted a lot of attention. In the Meiji era, set in Hokkaido during the pioneering period, Sugimoto, a former soldier called “Immortal Sugimoto,” challenges a battle for huge reserves with Ashiripa (“RI” is a small “RI”).

“Golden Kamuy Exhibition” is being held at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo until June 26th.

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