Castle Clash, implementing an update! Introducing the Holy Spirit System!

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IGG (Group CEO: Zongjian Cai, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Japan Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a global manufacturer of game apps for smartphones, is pleased to announce that an update has been implemented for the RPG “Castle Clash” where real heroes fight. A new spirit system has been introduced.

Update Contents
New Additions

  1. A new Relic system has been added!
  2. New Hero: Spider Queen
  3. New Hero Skins: Sword Sage “Cosmos Sovereign”, Spider Queen “Alien Bewitcher”
  4. New Hero Avatar: Spider Queen
  5. New Soul Vessel Skill: Abyss Rune
  6. New Equipment Accessories: Dragon Necklace, Dragon Ring, Lockhart Necklace, Lockhart Ring

Improvements and Adjustments

  1. Adjusted selection packs: duplicate rewards can no longer be selected, and the reward pool has been updated.
  2. Enhanced some monsters that appear in Narcia.
  3. Adjusted Wish Fountain rewards.
  4. A new exchange reward “Celestica” has been added to the world tree event exchange shop.
  5. The next Blitzkrieg (September) tournament and medals will be canceled and improvements will be made.
  6. The upper limit of the equipment storage slot in the equipment hall is increased by 10 (up to 180).
  7. Hero Altar slot cap increased by 1. (Capped at 169)
  8. Increased the maximum number of slots in the Item Shop by 10. (maximum 630)

Bug fixes

  1. When using an item to upgrade a hero’s skill, if you tap “Use”, a pop-up window will appear and exit, and tapping “Use” again will not respond. Fixed.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the pet name text to disappear when selecting “Cancel animation” on the pet hatching screen.
  3. In World Boss-Castle Crisis, fixed an issue where all damage appeared to be hidden during the battle.

Relic System
Recover lost relics from the world and give heroes new powers!
Acquire Holy Relics from the Temple of the Holy Spirit and become even stronger!

“Castle Clash” overview
Title: Castle Clash
Genre: RPG fighting with a full-fledged hero
Price: Basic free (with item charge)

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In addition to its Singapore headquarters, it currently has branch offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil, and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HongKong Stock: 0799).

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