Theatrical animation ‘Bokuai’ and ‘Kimiai’ main visuals ‘August 17th at 10 am is the key to the story

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Theatrical animations “To all you who I loved” and “I loved you” are based on the novels by Yomoji Otono, who became a hot topic on TikTok and sold over 280,000 copies in total. Hitori no Boku e” (2 works released on the same day from October 7) has been released.

A teaser visual depicting the “Showa-Dori intersection”

A love story about falling in love with a girl.

These two works are neither a sequel nor side story, and each story is independent, but when you read the two works, you will realize that the two worlds intertwine and intersect, and each other supports each other’s worlds. , A novel setting was hidden. This content was introduced on TikTok and became a hot topic, so it was decided to make it into an animated movie.

“To All You Who I Loved” is directed by Jun Matsumoto and produced by BAKKEN RECORD. “To the One Who Loved You” is directed by Kenichi Kasai and produced by Tom’s Entertainment. Miyazawa Hio is Koyomi, the main character of the two works “Bokuai” and “Kimiai”.

The heroine Kazune who falls in love with Koyomi in “Bokuai” is Ai Hashimoto, and the heroine Shiori who falls in love with Koyomi in “Kimiai” is Ayju Makita. Keina Suda will sing the theme song for “Bokuai” and Saucy Dog will sing the theme song for “Kimiai”.

In the visual for “Bokuai”, which was unveiled today, you can see Koyomi and Kazune in high school when they met, and how they gradually deepened their relationship. “Kimi Ai” uses cuts that cut out the fleeting but precious time spent by Koyomi and Shiori, who are attracted to each other so much that they think they are destined partners.

According to Mr. Otono, the author of the original work, “This movie is released at the same time, so you can watch it from either direction. While watching, “Please enjoy the choice that you can only make once, which way to watch.”

In addition, the date and time of “August 17 (Wednesday) 10:00 am” when this visual was lifted holds an important key in the story. In the teaser visual, the “Showa-Dori intersection” in Oita City, the hometown of the original author Otono, was drawn as a place that connects the worlds of “Bokuai” and “Kimiai”, but that intersection is “Kimiai”.

The place where Shiori who has become a ghost is. On the other hand, Kazune in the world of “Bokuai” receives a letter and sends out a calendar to the Showa-Dori intersection on “August 17th (Wednesday) at 10:00 am”.

What will happen on August 17th (Wednesday) at 10:00 am, when the two worlds, the world of “Bokuai” and the world of “Kimiai” will intersect? What is the “true ending” that only those who have seen the two works can know!?

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