‘Chara Tag 2022 Happy Halloween’ Reservations accepted!

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“Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM” from August 30 (Tuesday) to September 20 (Tuesday), 2022, from August 30 (Tuesday) to September 20 (Tuesday). !

“Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM] using Halloween illustrations “Chara Tag 2022 Happy Halloween” from August 30 (Tuesday) to September 20 (Tuesday), 2022. Reservations will be accepted on the “Anime University Co-op (AU-COOP)” mail order.

“Aoyama Blue Mountain & Rin” and “Mocha” are available for the first time.

Undoubtedly, the characters running through the night in costumes will make Halloween even more exciting!

The reverse side features a Tippy Bat with the moon in the background.

Furthermore, and, limited to AU-COOP, are also available.

So don’t miss this opportunity!!

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