‘NIGHT HEAD 2041’ Episode 3 Contest Planning Held!

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The ban on the third episode synopsis and scene cut of the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041” being broadcast from July 14, 2021 (Wednesday) has been lifted. Furthermore, it was decided to hold a contest project. Broadcast as a TV drama in 1992, the incredible work “NIGHT HEAD” caught the hearts of many people and boasted cult popularity.

The story about the brothers of Naoto Kirihara and Naoya, who suffer because of their supernatural powers, attracted science fiction fans and many fans. And over 30 years, it will be revived as the original TV animation “NIGHT HEAD 2041” written by the original author, George Iida, who was the director of the TV drama! In addition to the Kirihara brothers who also appeared in the TV drama version, another pair of brothers, the Kuroki brothers chasing them, will appear, and a new “NIGHT HEAD” will be drawn.

The third episode will be broadcast and distributed on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” and others from 25:30 on July 28 (Wednesday) (* Broadcast and distribution time may change due to sports broadcasting).
Click here for synopsis and scene cuts!

Naoto and Naoya head to the house where they used to live to reunite with their parents. But the place where the house should be was just a vacant lot.

The two are led to the factory run by their father by Shoko Futami, who suddenly appeared there. They encountered Takuya and Yuya, a security force investigating a series of high school students’ suicide turmoil.

Screenplay: George Iida / Storyboard: Tsukasa Sunaga, Kazufumi Ceiling / Director: Kazufumi Ceiling / Animation Director: Kaori Tsuta, Tetsuya Ishii And a work using the opening theme Who-ya Extended “Icy Ivy” and the ending article Muk “Zion” (singing, playing, dancing, making, drawing, saying the lines It is decided to hold a contest plan to post Mita, etc.)!

In addition to the “NIGHT HEAD 2041 Award” selected by the animation production staff, the selected works such as Who-ya Extended and Myuk’s own “Who-ya Extended Award” and “Muk Award” will be presented with luxurious prizes. In addition, the submitted work may be posted on the particular page of the “NIGHT HEAD 2041” official website!

Music materials, still images, and video materials of TV animation are being distributed on the unique site. Make a work using the distributed materials, and apply by sifting!

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