5 DC comics that I want to be made into a movie under the new regime under James Gunn

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Director James Gunn, known for the popular Marvel movie ” Guardians of the Galaxy ” series and DC movie ” The Suicide Squad” super “villains gathering, “is the co-CEO of DC Films, now DC Studios, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. There must be a lot of fans who are excited about the news that they will be appointed to. Gunn will oversee the production of movies, TV series, and animations based on DC comics at the new studio together with producer Peter Safran (” Aquaman, “The Conjuring ” series).

So Collider, under the direction of Gunn & Saffron, has selected five gems of DC comics that will be made into new movies, including remakes and reboots. Most of them may be unfamiliar with Japan, but even if you are not a fan of American comics, take this opportunity to experience the profound world of the original comics.

  1. “The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.”

One of the most popular in the “New Teen Titans” series, “Teen Titans: Judas Contract,” also made into an original video animation, is known as Batman’s partner Robin, Dick Grayson. , Through trials such as the betrayal of friends and broken hearts, a story of growth depicting until he changed his name to “Nightwing” and stood on his own. I want to see the epic battle that decorates the climax on the big screen.

  1. “Batman and the Outsiders.”

The story depicts the birth of the “Outsiders,” the most interesting of the Batman saga, but for some reason, not featured in the animated work. The complex human relationships and dynamic battles of the team formed by Batman, who gathers various heroes such as Black Lightning, Geoforce, Katana, and Halo, are suitable for a TV series.

  1. “SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING” (published by Shogakukan Shueisha Production)

The story of this monster hero representing DC Comics began with Wes Craven’s movie “The Monster Swamp Thing Shadow Hero ” (1982) and has been made into a TV animation / live-action drama many times from the 1980s to the present. . The comic series “Saga of Swamp Thing” (84-87), which was reconstructed as a unique horror fantasy while incorporating environmental pollution and other social issues as the theme of ” Watchmen ” genius Alan Moore, is still a neat picture—not converted.

  1. “Hawkworld”

Originally a limited series of 3 volumes, “Hawk World” became a monthly series due to the hot demand of fans. A girl/Shiara Saru, chases down bad guys on Earth and depicts how they fight together. This near-future crime thriller, reminiscent of the SF movie ” Blade Runner,” is sure to be worthwhile work as both a feature film and a drama series.

  1. “Blackest Night.”

A legendary DC version zombie horror series by US comic writer Geoff Johns, who has worked on many comics of popular characters such as Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Superman and served as executive producer for the movie adaptation. Since the villain, Black Hand, puts a black ring on his finger that has the power to revive the dead, superheroes who should have died are restored one after another and attack the living superheroes as zombies. Story. Even if it’s challenging to make a live-action movie, wouldn’t it be perfect for an anime series?

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