Popular ranking of TV anime characters voiced by voice actor Yuji Mitsuya! The first place is ‘Tatsuya Uesugi (touch)’!

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From October 3rd to October 10th, 2022, the Netorabo research team conducted a questionnaire asking, “Which character in the TV anime played by Mr. Yuji Mitsuya is your favorite?”

We received a total of 632 votes in this survey. Thank you for your vote! From heroes and serious to comical characters, actor Yuji Mitsuya is attractive for his high-tone voice acting. So who was the most popular character that Mitsuya-san has played so far? Let’s take a look at the rankings!

Virgo Shaka (Saint Seiya)

“Virgo Shaka.” A golden saint who protects the Virgo, one of the zodiac, in “Saint Seiya.” He is said to be the reincarnation of Buddha and is called “the man closest to God.” He is a calm and composed person with the appearance of a strong man and is characterized by his eyes being permanently closed to block out part of his senses and enhance the microcosm.

In addition to his diverse repertoire of techniques, the unreasonable lines from his absolute confidence are impressive. His noble and dignified Shaka character was perfect for Mitsuya’s voice. In the comment section, there were voices such as “Mitsuya can only do Shaka’s dignified voice” and “I like Shaka Chama.”

Tatsuya Uesugi (touch)

“Tatsuya Uesugi”! The main character of the anime “Touch” is based on Mitsuru Adachi’s youth baseball manga. He acts like an evil brother to make his twin brother stand out. At first, he devoted himself to boxing instead of baseball. Still, after losing his younger brother Kazuya in an accident, he felt guilty and distressed, but Kazuya said, “I will take Minami to Koshien.” I made a promise I never made.

Mitsuya delicately expresses Tatsuya’s kindness and strength. In the comment section, there were voices such as “Mr. Yuji Mitsuya, of course, can only remember the touch Tatsuya Uesugi” and “Tatsuya Uesugi has the strongest impression.”

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