Kirin / Kawashima, NON STYLE / Inoue Anime-loving entertainers talk about the charm of theatrical anime “From the work of choosing a seat to a movie”

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The Japanese anime film industry is booming, with one after another ranking in the domestic box office record. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, even though the movie theater is temporarily closed and there is a time limit, the popular movie is in good condition. The latest work of the popular series is coming up for the work that was unavoidably postponed, and it seems that the momentum will increase further in the future. The movie “The Seven Deadly Sins Cursed by the Light,” scheduled to be released on July 2, is also one of the notable works. Akira Kawashima of the comedy combination Kirin and Yusuke Inoe of NON STYLE in the entirely new original story appears in the roles of Genie A and Genie B. Both of them love prominent manga and anime, but each talked about the real thrill of watching on a big screen instead of on TV. Kawashima’s home was completely turned off at 9 pm for young children. I sneak into the futon of a single room and spend my days looking at a small smartphone screen in total darkness.

There is no problem in enjoying manga and anime, but many points can be enjoyed because of the large screen. Kirin / Akira Kawashima (Kawashima) It’s nice to watch it on your smartphone, but the details of the movie are fantastic. Especially the current anime. What we saw when we were little was waste hair (laughs). There was even something like, “What’s this? I haven’t painted it here!”, But now it’s evolving. Right now, I’m watching it on my smartphone in the middle of the night, so I want to take a bath on the big screen. Right now, I’m putting my work in my brain like eye drops. After all, it is a movie theater that takes a shower of the work.

The movie starts with buying advance tickets, choosing a seat, adjusting the time, and sitting down. Now is the time to cherish that feeling. NON STYLE / Yusuke Inoe (Hereafter, Inoe) From an anime lover’s point of view, there are honest anime that you don’t have to watch at the theater. There are times when you don’t have to watch this story in the theater, but if you have an action scene or a battle scene like “The Seven Deadly Sins,” you want a movie theater. Today’s animation has a lot of visual beauty, and you can see it in every corner. I read “The Seven Deadly Sins” in fragments when it comes to manga, but I’m fighting with gurnard when it comes to anime, so it’s good to watch it on a big screen. The hero is fighting in the front, but another person is fighting behind it. Considering watching small smashing battles and battles, it’s best to watch “The Seven Deadly Sins” at the cinema. Besides, since many people appear in “The Seven Deadly Sins,” there are many battles. Depending on where you sit, the angle at which you fight will change, so I think the way you enjoy it will also vary. Kawashima: I think the impressions after watching are entirely different in front of and behind the seats. The back is the back, and the sound is good, and the front is the front, and you move your neck like a live concert. It’s the exact opposite of the times. Inoue One thing I can say is that the part we are in is the same no matter where you are (laughs). Kawashima, Please rest assured. It’s the same whether you’re in the forefront or standing (laughs). As a comedian, the two have been enthusiastic about interviews. I want to enjoy what kind of performance it is with the screen and loud sound. (C) Nakaba Suzuki / Kodansha / 2021 “The Seven Deadly Sins The Movie: Those Cursed by Light” Production Committee

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