Crayon Shin-chan Official YouTube channel opened Masterpiece episode distribution

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The official YouTube channel of the popular anime “Crayon Shin-chan” (TV Asahi, Saturday 4:30 pm) has been opened. Focusing on the episodes that aired from the program’s start in 1992 to April 2005, “A baby was born” depicts the secret story of the birth of Shinnosuke’s younger sister, Himawari, and Shinnosuke and Hiroshi suddenly disappeared searching for Shiro. Distribute past masterpiece episodes such as “Shiro is missing.” Producer Takanobu Sano of TV Asahi, who works on the anime, said, “‘Crayon Shin-chan’ started broadcasting in 1992.

The main character, Shinnosuke Nohara, has been causing trouble weekly for over 30 years, but he has completely forgotten it in the long history. Many incidents have been stolen, and many people still don’t know about them. Therefore, this time, I decided to tell the world about his evil deeds through YouTube.

On this “Crayon Shin-chan” Official Channel,” you can meet works from various eras to see unexpected episodes of Shinnosuke and his friends and a slightly different face from now.”

Regarding future developments, “Of course, we will also deliver the latest information on TV and movies in the form of videos. If you come here, you can find out everything about the anime ‘Crayon Shin-chan.’ Thank you very much!” he says.

On February 25, the new chapter of the unique project “Freestyle Shin-chan Kasukabe’s Rapper” will reach its final episode. It is a new chapter of the project that was broadcast for three consecutive weeks to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the same work in January 2022. It has been published since February 11 as a three-week ongoing project. Continuing from the previous work, children will have a rap battle in Kasukabe City, a ruined city like New York in the 1980s.

Ai Fairouz will play Kaoru, Risa Spinoki will play Ami, and Nozomi Yamamoto will play Kumi.

In the new chapter, Kazama-kun, the team leader “New Breeze of Kasukabe City, which will lead the future,” Kaoru, Ami, and Kumi from Baribari Girls sneak into the hideout of the super-dangerous area “OK2” and get the boss, K2. To do so, he fights with Shinnosuke. In the final episode, the robot made by Baribari Girls starts to move, but it goes out of control, and Shinnosuke and his friends dive into the robot’s thinking circuit and have a rap battle to correct the program. “Dope and cool” Shinnosuke’s freestyle rap explodes in cyberspace.

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