The sudden development of ‘The Witch of Mercury’ caused a stir among fans, ‘This is terrible’ and ‘This is Gundam.’

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TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” Season 2 (MBS/TBS series), episode 2, “The Girls’ Negai” (14 episodes in total), was broadcast on the 16th.

The sudden turn of events has sparked surprises on the Internet, with comments such as “Hey…Gundam is dangerous” and “This is it! This is it! This is Gundam. reveals the secret of the aerial of the aircraft that Sleta rides, and on the Internet, “Isn’t it developing too quickly…” Erikt = Aerial confirmed,” “Finally got to the heart of the matter!”

On Twitter, related words such as “The Witch of Mercury,” “Eric,” and “Aerial” dominate the top trends, and “The Witch of Mercury” is the number one trend.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury,” which began broadcasting in October 2022, is set in an era in which numerous companies are expanding into space and building a vast economic zone. The main character is Sleta Mercury, a girl who has transferred from the frontier land of Mercury to “Asticasia College of Technology” operated by the largest mobile suit industry “Benerit Group.” A story in which she walks into a new world one step at a time, lighting a bright red light in her innocent heart.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” Season 2 Synopsis

AS (Ad Stella) 122. An era in which numerous companies have advanced into space and built a huge economic zone. Suretta Mercury, who has transferred from Mercury to Asticasia College of Technology, has spent her school life full of encounters and stimulation as a member of Gundam Co., Ltd., as the bridegroom of Mioline Remblanc.

Two weeks have passed since the incident at Plant Kueta. Sleta spends her days at her school, looking forward to seeing her again with Mioline. Meanwhile, Mioline was at the Benellit Group headquarters, watching over her father’s condition. A new difficulty attacks the two, and a decision is to be pressed. With their feelings in their hearts, the girls face the mighty curse that Gundam brings.

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