The audience doesn’t pull to Satoko in episode 5 of the anime ‘Higurashi When They Cry’ !?

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An anime “Higurashi When They Cry” (TOKYO MX and others) that depicts the tragedy that takes place in the fictional village “Hinamizawa.” In the fifth episode, “Cotton-Revealing Part 2”, which was broadcast on July 22, there was one act in which Satoko Hojo took ridiculous actions, causing intense criticism.

It touches on the latest episode of the anime “Higurashi When They Cry.”
Mion Sonozaki has been given the drug “H173” that causes “Hinamizawa Syndrome” by Satoko. In this episode, Mion is attracted to Keiichi Maebara and spends a happy time, while jealousy of Shion causes a tragedy.

The problem was the “cooking showdown” scene drawn at the beginning. During home economics time, the students at Hinamizawa Branch School decided to practice cooking. Since the club activities were separated, Mion Sonozaki, the director, proposes to play a game by making curry.

Almost all members of club activities are good at cooking. The impatient Satoko interferes with cooking to trap Keiichi but is dismissed. Then Satoko muttered, “I can’t help it,” pretending to fall and turning Keiichi’s curry over with the pot. Furthermore, the violence did not stop, and the dishes were spoiled one after another, such as adding salt to Ryugu Rena’s curry and adding sugar to Mion’s curry.

Is Satoko’s “disliked character” completely established?
In contrast to Satoko, who made poor food without any hesitation, on the Internet, “Satoko who makes poor food, she’s inferior in humanity …” It’s not good at all. >> << It’s too wasteful to ruin food. Even though I liked Satoko, I became more and more disliked.” “It’s better to waste curry than to cause a tragedy. Many criticisms, such as “Satoko wants to make her stun gun and sink it in curry.”

This naughty scene was not the original development of this work but also existed in the original. However, Satoko is currently depicted as the mastermind behind all kinds of events and falls into one after another. We are in a position where it is easier than ever to get annoyed by viewers. It can be said that this bashing is the result of such hate increasing to the limit.

Satoko, who was supposed to be the younger sister position of a club member, is becoming disliked and the character is becoming established. Perhaps no one can see her behavior as modest mischief like before.

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