‘Theatrical version of IDOLiSH7’ was released on May 20th. Realization of a dream live of 16 people in 4 groups.

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It has been decided that the media mix project ” Idolish7 ” (abbreviated as Ainana)’s first theater live, ” Theatrical version Idolish7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD, ” will be released on May 20, 2023. At the same time, the primary visual, special news, cast, and staff were announced.

” IDOLiSH7 “has more than 5 million downloads of the original application game, TV animation, CD, live performances, comicalization, etc. Focusing on the growth story of 16 idols, in 2022, the 7th anniversary of the app’s release, the main level that continued from 2015 reached a break.

In ” Theatrical version IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD “, “IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re: vale, ZOOL meet together, 16 people,” which was told in the 6th part of the main story of the app released at the end of 2010. ‘s dream live” has come true. Four groups with different charms gather together, and the curtain rises on a spectacular live entertainment.
*The official notation for ZOOL is Z with an acute accent and L with a cedilla.

The main visual is a collection of 16 people, and the words “Kimi to Tsumu Hajimari no LIVE” are engraved at their feet. In the promotional video, in addition to the video of the “Black or White Live Showdown” held at the end of 2022 and the video of past music videos, some of the videos of this work have been released in advance.

Hiroshi Nishikori and Kensuke Yamamoto are the directors, and Bunta Tsushimi is the scriptwriter. Orange, who worked on the music video for IDOLiSH7’s song “Mr.AFFECTiON” and the anime “BEASTERS” and “Houseki no Kuni, “will be in charge of the production.

The cast continues from the app and TV animation, Kensho Ono (role of Riku Nanase), Toshiki Masuda (part of Izumi Izumi), Yusuke Shirai (role of Yamato Nikaido), Tsubasa Yonaga (role of Mitsuki Izumi). , KENN (plays Tamaki Yotsuba), Atsushi Abe ( plays Sogo Osaka), and Takuya Eguchi ( plays Nagi Rokuya ). ), and Takuya Sato (Ryunosuke Ten) is in charge. “Re: vale” is Soichiro Hoshi (100 roles), Shinnosuke Tachibana (1000 role), “ZOOL” is Yuya Hirose (part of Kiyoshi Ino), Subaru Kimura (role of Touma Inumaru), Kotaro Nishiyama (role of Natsumiha), Takashi Kondo (role of Torao Mido) will continue to cast.

” Theatrical version IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD ” will be released on May 20 and 20, 2011. Advance tickets for the first movie ticket will go on sale from January 14 to January 14 at the theaters where the movie will be screened (excluding some theaters) and on the “Major” mail order site. As a bonus, an A4 transparent file with the primary visual is included.

In addition, advance mail order information for goods has also been announced.

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