Cumulative worldwide circulation of the ‘Heroaka’ series exceeds 100 million copies, gorgeous advertisements, 398 episodes free, etc.

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Kohei Horikoshi’s manga ” My Hero Academia ” has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, with the 40th volume of the comic released on April 4th (over 60 million copies in Japan, 4000 copies overseas). It was announced that the book had sold over 10,000 copies (including the digital version), and Mr. Horikoshi’s original illustrations and comments were unveiled.

In addition, newspaper advertisements expressing gratitude to fans and a free program to catch up with the 40 volumes of comics have also started. The “Weekly Shonen Jump” official YouTube channel, “Jump Channel,” has released a PV celebrating the 100 million copies sold and the 40th volume release.

I walked on the path paved and paved by many great manga and anime in sneakers with thin soles. This number is a result of being blessed with the times.

On top of that, I’m happy that so many people have been willing to pay for the manga I drew for so long.

Thank you very much for supporting Deku and the others.
I would be happy if Hero Academia could expand just a little further beyond that paved road. Kohei Horikoshi

The April 4th morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun featured an advertisement featuring over 90 characters. Heroes and villains are gathered with the catchphrase, “Total circulation of the series exceeds 100 million copies worldwide! Thank you for everyone’s strength!”

In addition, from April 4th to 10th, as part of an advertising campaign based on the image of “Yuei High School Field Trip Around Japan,” students from Class 1A of Yuei High School will appear in newspaper advertisements in 47 prefectures (48 types in total). Based on the concept of “traveling across Japan over seven days to express our gratitude for having sold over 100 million copies,” advertisements targeting readers in each prefecture will be posted daily by region.

The advertisements will also be released one after another on the unique advertising website for “Yuei High School’s Field Trip Around Japan,” which opened on April 4th.

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