March ‘Sunday Anime Theater’ broadcasts ‘Macross F the Movie’ 2 parts, ‘Gamera 3’ and others

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The following works will be broadcast from March 5 at “Sunday Anime Theater,” posted every Sunday at 7:00 pm on BS12 Twelve.

March 5 Special Edition “Gamera 3: Iris Awakening (4K Digitally Restored Version)” (1999/directed by Shusuke Kaneko, special effects director Shinji Higuchi ) Broadcast in 2K down conversion March 12 “Theatrical version Macross F Itsuwarino Utahime” (2009/ directed by Masaharu Kawamori )

March 19 “Macross Frontier the Movie Sayonara no Tsubasa” (2011/ directed by Masaharu Kawamori) March 26 “Lupin the Third Treasure Return Operation!!” (2003/ Jun Kawagoe directed by)

The live-action special effects movie” Gamera 3: Awakening of the Evil God (Iris)” is the third work of the Heisei “Gamera” series. In her childhood, Ai Maeda (her younger sister Aki Maeda) played Ayana Hirasaka, a girl who hates Gamera after losing her parents in the battle between Gamera and Gyaos.

“Theatrical version Macross F” is a two-part theatrical version of the TV animation “Macross F” broadcasted in 2008 and directed by Masaharu Kawamori, the general director of the TV anime version.

“Lupin the 3rd Treasure Return Daisakusen!! “To obtain the “trick diamond” embedded in the top of the Sagrada Familia, Lupine and his friends take on a mission to return the treasure stolen by their deceased old friend Mark to its original location within the deadline.

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